May 4, 2022
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Filed for divorce, woman tore and burned wedding dress

wedding dress torn and burnedNicola White, who got married in 2005, was convinced that not all marriages are successful.

wedding dress torn and burned

A resident of Manchester (England) does not cover what exactly happened, but the marriage ended, and the woman filed for divorce. The ex-wife decided to celebrate such an event in an unusual way – she first tore and then burned her wedding dress, not forgetting to photograph the strange “ritual” as a keepsake.

wedding dress torn and burned

Nicola added that the destruction of the dress brought good results – the lady felt that, having thrown out all her anger in this way, she got rid of a great burden on her heart. Now the woman not only felt self-confidence, but is also ready to leave all the marriage negativity in the past.

The judge refused to divorce the spouses and recommended them to reconcile


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