Jan 26, 2021
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Fighting pressure. 8 drinks for hypertensive patients

When the weather changes dramatically and we are forced to move from frost to thaw and back to ice and snow, atmospheric pressure also changes: first it rises, then decreases, and then returns to high values. Meteo-dependent people feel these pressure surges very well, their own blood pressure can also jump depending on atmospheric pressure. This is especially pronounced in those who suffer from high blood pressure.

For the regulation of pressure, hypertensive and hypotensive people are well aware of the drugs they need. But if you do not have pronounced hypertension, and you feel an increase in pressure, then you can improve the situation with the help of healthy drinks. Which, of course, does not negate the need to consult a specialist and treat your hypertension. Also, if you have chronic blood pressure problems, it is better to consult with your doctor in order to understand what foods and drinks you can eat and which ones to refrain from.

Let’s talk about drinks that help regulate blood pressure.

Hawthorn decoction

Hawthorn is a very useful berry for strengthening the immune system. A side effect is that hawthorn has the ability to lower blood pressure. So if you are hypertensive, then take a closer look at dried hawthorn, it can be easily bought in the markets and in some stores.

Hawthorn contains fatty and essential oils, tannins, flavonoids, natural sugars. Thanks to such a powerful composition, hawthorn tea has an excellent tonic effect in the morning. It invigorates gently, while not straining the nervous system, but on the contrary, calming it down. The most important property of hawthorn is considered to be its positive effect on the cardiovascular system. It cleanses the blood, increases the elasticity of blood vessels, thereby reducing pressure.

Hawthorn can be combined with rosehip tea. Then the tea will have even more vitamin C and benefits for the immune system, and it will lower blood pressure less.

Hawthorn tea

  • 1 tbsp. l. dried rose hips
  • 1 tbsp. l. dry hawthorn fruit
  • 2 cups boiling water

Pour boiling water over the berries in a thermos and leave to infuse overnight. In the morning you can add honey, dilute with hot water.

Beet juice

Beets contain a lot of potassium, which is extremely useful for the work of the heart and blood vessels. It also contains folic acid and nitrates, which are beneficial for the body. Beet juice is one of the drinks that can lower blood pressure. It can calm the nervous system, dilate blood vessels, and remove excess fluid and salt from the body.

Beet juice is not very tasty, so you can dilute it with berry juices or add an apple.

Cucumber juice

Cucumbers have an excellent cleansing effect, they contain a large amount of moisture, vitamins and trace elements, which are also well absorbed. Cucumber juice cleanses the body, helps to lower blood pressure, and is useful for preventing heart disease.

Tea with viburnum and other red berries

Viburnum, lingonberry, cranberry – all the late red berries that we rubbed with sugar in the fall, frozen and squeezed juice from them, are now very useful. Including due to its ability to lower blood pressure.

Viburnum has a diuretic effect, thanks to antioxidants, flavonoids and vitamin C, it is very useful for colds.

Cranberry makes the intestines and stomach work better, it contains a lot of flavonoids, substances that make blood vessels more elastic.

You can simply pour hot water over frozen or crushed berries, or add juice to tea / water. You can also add a little dry herbs or spices, because not all berries have a very pleasant taste, viburnum has a rather specific taste.

Coconut water

The liquid that is inside a coconut is a drink very rich in vitamins and minerals. Potassium, magnesium, calcium and a number of vitamins (pyridoxine, riboflavin, retinol, pantothenic acid, thiamine, vitamins E and C) strengthen the immune system, help to normalize metabolism and lower blood pressure. Lauric acid increases the “good” cholesterol in the blood – high density lipoprotein – and prevents vascular disease.


A glass of kefir – contains potassium and calcium. The plus of kefir is that these elements are well absorbed, they are contained in just the right proportion. Like potassium, calcium is very necessary for the regulation of blood pressure; many hypertensive patients are deficient in this element. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to how many lactic acid foods you consume.


Clean water is one of the important ways to regulate pressure. Dehydration of the body has a very bad effect on general health and, in particular, on pressure. But the use of pure water in the required amount (usually this norm is 30 ml X 1 kg of body weight) helps to stabilize pressure, improve the work of the cardiovascular system, and establish the process of hematopoiesis.

You can add a slice of lemon to a glass of water. This fruit contains potassium and magnesium. The latter helps to relax muscles and improves blood circulation.

Fruit juices

Pineapple juice, which contains a lot of potassium, is considered very useful for blood vessels and blood circulation. But it is better to be careful with him, since pineapples are contraindicated for people with chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. And even if there are no such diseases, gastroendocrinologists recommend diluting it and drinking it in small portions throughout the day, but not more than 1 glass.

Pomegranate juice is used to fight arterial plaques, watermelon juice fights dehydration, improves kidney function, apple juice tones veins and blood vessels, grape juice improves metabolic processes in the body.

Important! Note that drinks have a positive effect over time. That is, in order to achieve visible improvements, you need to drink hawthorn tea for at least a couple of months.

There are contraindications. Be sure to consult your doctor

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