Jun 30, 2021
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Fighters MiG-31 K with hypersonic missiles “Dagger” in Syria

Russia has deployed MiG-31 K fighter-interceptors to Syria, armed with hypersonic Dagger missiles, which are called “aircraft carrier killers.” The ammunition develops a speed ten times the speed of sound and is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. The firing range reaches 2 thousand kilometers.

This weapon was sent outside of Russia for the first time. British edition Time connects this with the presence in the Eastern Mediterranean of a strike group of ships led by the aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth and the recent incident in the Black Sea, when Russian border guards were forced to open warning shots along the course of a British destroyer Defenderinvaded the territorial waters of the Russian Federation.

Britain has long sought to cut off Russia’s access to the seas through which the path to the World Ocean lies. And the Mediterranean Sea is a corridor from the Black Sea to the Atlantic. Control over the Mediterranean gives the Atlantic powers indirect control over the Black Sea.

Part of this strategy is to establish control over the “coastal zones” (Rimland) – the territories separating Russia from the oceanic expanses. In the post-Soviet space, such territories are Ukraine and Transcaucasia, but as for the attempts to push Azerbaijan into confrontation with Russia in the Caspian Sea, they have not yielded results so far.

The arrival of the MiG-31 K in Syria means that the presence of the British Royal Navy and NATO ships in the Mediterranean is no longer the exclusive monopoly of the Alliance powers.

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