Jun 9, 2022
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Feng Shui in the office Talismans for career growth

Feng Shui in the office  Talismans for career growth

In the office, it can sometimes be difficult to apply the basics of feng shui, but there is still an opportunity to make the work area more positive. By inviting colleagues to move furniture, you can successfully influence your career. After all, properly located furniture in the office increases energy and contributes to good luck in your business.

So here are some simple tips:

1. avoid offices with long corridors where the desk is located at the end of the corridor;

2. the location of the office opposite the toilet is undesirable;

3. do not occupy a table in front of the entrance;

4. do not sit with your back to the window.

These are the basic rules for all offices. If you do not follow these basics of Feng Shui, then the action of the talismans will be useless.

The Feng Shui work desk should be placed diagonally from the front door, and you should sit with your back to the wall. In general, the back should always be protected. Therefore, it is better if your office chair has a high back, and the presence of armrests will also be useful.

On the wall behind you can hang a picture depicting mountains, a calm landscape. A portrait of the president or other successful person on the wall is the right move. Such images give a feeling of support on a subconscious level. Avoid any manifestation of water behind you. Water can deprive you of a familiar place. Therefore, fountains, aquariums, images of waterfalls, rivers, lakes should be placed in front of your table.

It is best if the boss’s desk is located behind you. Even better if it is in another room. The boss’s desk in front of your desktop does not bode well for you, you can stay in your place for a short time.

Your poor health may be due to the location of your workplace opposite the front door. It is also not recommended to sit with your back to the front door. When it is not possible to rearrange the table, you can reduce the negative impact by hanging a mirror opposite the table. This way you will see people coming in. You can also put cabinets next to the door, then you will have additional protection.

It is better not to hang a large clock in the office if you are in a managerial position. It is generally accepted that the clock counts the time in power.
Above the table, you can hang signs with Chinese characters and money images. It will attract good luck, money and career success.

Now we will try to make sure that your desktop helps you in your work, radiating positive energy, and this would help you move up the career ladder. The main thing is not to clutter up the table with folders, documents, and other papers.

Near the edge of the table in the center, just opposite the place where you sit, put a crystal pyramid. This will be your symbol of career growth. To the left of the pyramid diagonally install one of the symbols of abundance – a three-legged toad on money, a dragon or a figurine of Hotei. If everything is strict in your office and Chinese figurines are unacceptable, then put an expensive writing set in this place or put a business card holder. On the right, put a statue of the god Ganesha. Ganesha is an Indian deity with four arms and the head of an elephant. This god is often depicted as sitting on a throne. Better, of course, if the deity is bronze. Ganesha is designed to help in the conclusion of complex transactions. Before a responsible transaction, you need to rub the deity’s trunk, and there is no doubt that the transaction will be successful, because Ganesha returns good for good.

The lighting in the room also carries a positive charge. It is good when there is natural sunlight in the office. If there are no windows in the office, you can hang pictures of landscapes on the walls or create a “green zone” where you can grow plants.
Remember that psychologically people have less respect for those whose workplace is near the front door. Therefore, if possible, try to take a table further from the door.

To raise funds, you can decorate your computer with Chinese coins linked together. You can also put coins, like talismans, under the phone and fax.

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