Apr 26, 2022
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Feet care

Feet care

Women need to have beautiful legs in order to flaunt in mini skirts and be admired by men.

Walking in moderation. With prolonged walking, lactic acid builds up, causing sharp pain.

Physical exercise. In order for the legs to remain beautiful and healthy for many years, physical exercises should be performed.

Stretch three times in the morning. Then do 40 movements with straight legs from side to side while lying on your back. Just lying down, we shake our arms and legs in the air 40-50 times. Then we make movements with our hands from the chest, and with the help of legs bent at the knees, we slide along the bed. After that, rub the feet with the palms of your hands. Again, lying down, rest your feet against the wall or put on a chair. We rise, freezing in this position for 5 seconds, we lie down. Let’s do some flexion and extension of the legs. Standing on all fours, elbows bent, bend the body to the floor with the right leg raised, freeze for 4 seconds, return to the starting position. Do 5 lifts with each leg. Stand on your toes 15 times and hit your heels on the floor.

Relieve tension. Pour water on your feet twice a day. It is necessary to pour water from the bucket, alternately on each leg from the hip down. They need to dry out while driving.

Massage. A five-minute massage, morning and evening, improves well-being.

• 6 movements are done by sliding the index finger of the left hand from the middle of the foot inward.
• 20 strokes with both hands from the bottom of the shin to the knee.
• 20 strokes with both hands from the knee to the groin on both sides of the thigh.
• 30 hand wraps from the toes, moving the hands higher towards the groin.

Massage of the fingers and toes produces a strengthening and healing effect. You need to start from the tip of your finger to the nail, making light pressure, both from top to bottom and from the sides.

Get rid of sweating. In the morning, generously sprinkle between the toes and soles with boric acid powder. Wash your feet every evening with warm water. Clean socks every day. After 2 weeks, the smell will disappear. Grind oak bark to a powder state. Sprinkle it on the inside of socks to reduce sweating of the feet. Wash your feet before bed with cool salt water (1 teaspoon per cup of hot water).

Lubricate cracks under the fingers with vegetable oil. In order to prevent corns from reappearing after cleansing the feet, cold salt water baths should be taken. Sea salt is used, dissolved in one liter of cold water. These baths also relieve fatigue.

Before removing the corn, it is necessary to steam it. Softened soap is placed on a green lilac leaf and a bandage is made, which is changed every day. Half of the onion is poured with apple cider vinegar, then applied to the corn in a layer in the morning and evening. Pitted prunes, boiled in milk, are applied hot to the calluses. This procedure has been going on for years.

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