Sep 19, 2022
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Fedor Dobronravov is not the star of “Matchmakers”, says Koshmal


The actress tried to prick the actor Fyodor Dobronravov.

Anna Koshmal played in the series “Matchmakers” the granddaughter of Ivan and Valyukha Budko – Zhenya Kovaleva. At the same time, the actress considered her on-screen grandparents to be almost her native people. Nightmare always spoke warmly about Fedor Dobronravov and Tatyana Kravchenko. However, for the time being. And then the star of the popular telehit changed her rhetoric, deleting all the kind words addressed to her colleagues from “Matchmakers” in the captions for their joint photos on her social network page.

But once Anna Koshmal wrote that Fedor Viktorovich for her is the same as her own grandfather. Now the actress does not want to hear about her colleagues with whom she starred in “Matchmakers”.

Fedor Dobronravov - photo from the archive -
Fedor Dobronravov – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

According to fans of the telehit, Anna Koshmal does not miss the opportunity to “sting” Dobronravov more painfully. Although he never allowed himself offensive remarks about his on-screen granddaughter. “Shame!”, “It’s time to bury this hatchet”, “How much can you?”, “Shamelessness”, — wrote the followers.

For me, “Matchmakers” are not Dobronravov, not Kravchenko, Dobrynin or Artemyeva. Generally they are not. For me, this is Andrei Yakovlev (director of the series) – a person whom I respect immensely, and with whom it is a great pleasure to work. He is like a father to me”, – Anna Koshmal changed her shoes in a jump, StarHit quotes.

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