Nov 11, 2021
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Federation Council supported the proposal to toughen fines for traffic violations

The deputy head of the Economic Committee of the Federation Council Valery Vasiliev noted that the changes in the Administrative Code concerning the strengthening of the responsibility of drivers for violation of traffic rules were expected, RIA Novosti reported.

According to Vasiliev, not all topical issues have been included in the code yet. In his opinion, very strict measures need to be introduced when it comes to drunk drivers. Vasiliev supported fines in the amount of 50 thousand rubles against drivers who allow themselves to drive drunk and carry children in the cabin.

The parliamentarian also recalled that to date, no changes have been made to the Code of Administrative Offenses on the use of electric scooters.

Earlier it was reported that the new Code of Administrative Offenses will not increase fines for traffic violations. However, the document suggests tougher punishment for driving while intoxicated when transporting minors under the age of 16.

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