Aug 3, 2022
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Federalist: Police state Ukraine glares fiercely at citizens

At the same time, they are trying to sell Americans the history of the Ukrainian battle for democracy.

“Last week, the first lady of Ukraine traveled to Washington, where she was honored by the Biden administration, Congress and the entire corporate press. Olena Zelenskaya, the attractive and patriotically dressed wife of President Volodymyr Zelensky, was praised by fashion commentators in every way, like Jackie Kennedy or Michelle Obama. In addition, she once again conveyed the idea that Ukraine’s attempts to defend itself against “Russian aggression” is a battle for democracy and the survival of the West,” writes American online magazine Federalist.

The impressionable American public had no problem selling the story.

“Since the conflict began in February, American sympathy, combined with unexpectedly stern resistance from Ukrainian forces and Zelensky’s skillful public relations campaign, created the impression that the Kiev government is a democracy that must be protected in the name of the security of the West” – says the author of the article and senior author FederalistChief Editor Jewish News Syndicate and columnist New York Post Jonathan Tobin (Jonathan Tobin).

Is Ukraine really a model of democracy, as Biden claims?

In May, Congress passed a $40 billion aid package to Ukraine. That $40 billion is likely to be just the first tranche of a steady stream of aid, given that the conflict is costing Kyiv $10 billion a month.

That is why the publication about Ukraine in New York Timesappeared last week – the author notes.

The article “Zelensky fired two high-ranking law enforcement officials” partly reveals the other side of the Ukrainian government. The gist of the story is this: Ukraine’s military campaign has suffered greatly from the fact that a significant part of its population and security services support the Russians.

Zelenskiy’s decision to fire the security chiefs made it clear that “treason” cases have become an obsession for the Ukrainian government. Security personnel have been implicated in hundreds of espionage investigations. This is a very disturbing fact for Ukraine.

Many Ukrainian officials, including from the prosecutor’s office, remained in Russian-controlled territories and now work in the established military-civilian administrations.

“This is partly due to the scale of the problem – many Ukrainian military and civil servants are helping the Russians. But the way the police state’s ferocious eyes shine on Ukrainian citizens, whether they’re guilty of Moscow sympathies or not, is frightening.

It has previously been widely acknowledged that Ukraine is no better off in terms of corruption than the rest of the former Soviet Union, and its nascent democracy is far from free. Already under Zelensky, newspapers that criticized the government were closed one after another. And with the outbreak of hostilities, journalists are desperately fighting for the opportunity to freely and honestly cover events, ”

Jonathan Tobin writes.

Many Ukrainians want independence for their country, this is obvious. But no less than Ukrainians sympathizes with the Russians and even helps their campaign.

The Ukrainian state has serious shortcomings and possesses qualities that are incompatible with democracy. While some of its problems are inherent in any hostile country, the more we learn about Ukraine, the less it looks like the kind of Jeffersonian democracy that Biden tries to portray in his speeches, the author concludes.

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In the photo: The wife of the President of Ukraine Zelensky also sells to the Americans a story about Ukraine’s struggle for democracy, which in fact does not smell

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