May 31, 2022
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Features of the liquidation of a turnkey LLC in Moscow

Features of the liquidation of a turnkey LLC in Moscowliquidation of LLC

Sometimes in the financial and economic activities of a limited liability company (LLC), situations arise when it is no longer appropriate for the company to operate. Often the reason for closing a company is the end of the term of activity, in which case the company must be liquidated.

Liquidation of a turnkey LLC in Moscow is a laborious and lengthy procedure. It is better to entrust all legal closing measures to trusted specialists with experience in this field. On the site you will find information about a law firm specializing in the liquidation of enterprises, get acquainted with the price list of the current prices for the services provided.

Ways to liquidate an enterprise

There are two ways to close an LLC – official and alternative. In the first option, all debts to counterparties are closed and a tax audit is carried out. After all necessary measures have been taken in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (EGRLE), all information about the company will be deleted.

An enterprise can be liquidated in an official way:

  • By decision of the owner – voluntarily.
  • By court order – forcibly.
  • Through bankruptcy proceedings.

But today, many choose an alternative method of closing. The liquidation of an organization can be carried out in the following ways:

  • Changing the director or founder.
  • Merging an LLC with another company.
  • By liquidating the company through offshore.

To get rid of difficulties or problems, liquidate the company through a reorganization or sale. In this case, you can avoid a tax audit, and the procedure itself will be quick and inexpensive. But there are also disadvantages in this method – the management and the owner remain legally responsible for all actions.

The main stages of closing a company

Today, many law firms offer services for the liquidation of an LLC in Moscow. With the help of specialists, you can quickly close your business in compliance with all legislative norms of the Russian Federation. You can get acquainted with the price list for services and conclude an agreement at the office of the law firm or on the official website.

The liquidation of the organization takes place in several stages:

  • A meeting of founders is convened, at which a decision is made to terminate the financial and economic activities of the organization.
  • Employees of the enterprise are informed about the termination of work 2 months in advance.
  • There are settlements with contractors.
  • The liquidation balance sheet is drawn up and approved.
  • Documents on the liquidation of the enterprise are submitted to the Federal Tax Service.
  • Information about the closure of the company is published in the mass media (media).

After carrying out the above steps, the seal of the company is destroyed, and the personal files of employees and all documentation are transferred to the archive for storage.

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