Aug 20, 2022
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Features of the design of apartments in the residential complex “Tarian Towers”

Features of the design of apartments in the residential complex Features of the design of apartments in the residential complex

Kyiv residential complex “TarianTowers” attracts attention due to its original architecture. But the interior design of the buildings is no less worthy of attention. To create the most comfortable conditions in the apartment, professional and qualified designers and other specialists are involved. That is why each living space in Tarjan Tower is distinguished by its unique design, where every detail is calculated.

The main advantages of professional apartment design

Undoubtedly, repairs and decoration can be done on their own. But a more preferable option is cooperation with professional designers from NSDgroup. All this allows you to get several significant advantages:

  1. The ability to implement the most interesting and creative ideas. Professionals who perform all actions without fail coordinate with clients all the subtleties and details of projects prepared in advance.
  2. Each project is developed from scratch. To do this, use special programs and applications. All this allows you to implement the most complex tasks.
  3. NSDgroup employees pay special attention to the choice of materials for decoration and renovation. Each material is thoroughly tested before use. That is why the applied finishing layer lasts a long time.

Which design option is preferred?

A variety of apartments are presented in TaryanTowers residential complex. They differ not only in format, but also in design. Therefore, each person will be able to make a choice in favor of the most attractive option.

Studio apartment

This type of design is the most popular. This is due to the fact that there are no walls. This is important as it creates additional visual space.

Skilled designers understand how to correctly delimit free space, as well as create comfortable areas for relaxing, eating, and more. Quite often, a studio apartment is complemented by a bar counter or a variety of partitions, which makes the room more comfortable and convenient.

Traditional format apartment

Standard apartments in TaryanTowers residential complex differ in the number of rooms and levels. To make this housing more comfortable, it is imperative to involve professionals who have experience in decorating just such premises. They will be able to provide the most comfortable and functional result.

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