Oct 11, 2021
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Features of the Cocker Spaniel haircut at home

Features of the Cocker Spaniel haircut at home

Everyone can master the haircut of a cocker spaniel; it is enough to acquire all the necessary tools. Read the article for details.

Cocker spaniel haircut is a serious expense for its owners. And therefore, people often try to learn how to do all the procedures at home. Yes, grooming will take a fair amount of time, but almost everyone can do a haircut at home. This is exactly what our article is about.

Features of the Cocker Spaniel haircut

This breed is presented in two varieties: American and English. They have similarities, and therefore a number of features in a haircut converge. But the character of the dog is radically different. Hair clipping has the following common features:

  • short-cropped back, neck, head, muzzle and under the tail,
  • slightly wavy coat without excessive curliness,
  • the legs and tail are carefully combed, leaving the maximum length, but at the same time giving a neat shape.

But there are also some differences, which we will talk about later.

Grooming the American Cocker Spaniel


First of all, it is important to note that the dog’s back cannot be clipped with a clipper. This seriously deteriorates the quality of the hair, so instead, the undercoat must be combed out with a furmanator or thinned out with the help of rubber fingertips. Too thick wool should be cut with scissors.

As for the cocker spaniel skirt – it is left literally to the floor. When the length is not enough, it is important to make smooth border transitions. But the neck, muzzle and upper third of the ears are drilled to a length of 1 millimeter.

An American spaniel should be cut for the first time for about 2-3 months, after which a haircut is made every 3-4 weeks. But once a quarter, it is important to carry out a full grooming.

How to cut an English Cocker Spaniel?

For the English Spaniel, wool is just a way to hide not the most attractive features and emphasize the breed. And here’s how the haircut of such a dog is different:

  1. The muzzle and head are shaved against the growth of the coat to create a beautiful outline;
  2. Feathers should remain on the front legs behind, and a triangle should remain on the sternum;
  3. The hocks are cut very short and the upper thigh is trimmed with a trimmer.

Everyone can master the haircut of a cocker spaniel; it is enough to acquire all the necessary tools. Before grooming, it is also advisable to teach the puppy to behave calmly in the process, otherwise a home haircut may even become dangerous for your pet. Of course, ideally, you should trust the procedure to an experienced groomer, but it’s up to you to decide.

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