Apr 20, 2021
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Features of housing in Israel

Features of housing in Israel

Plastic windows, a metal door, an intercom and a laminate on the floor are standard features of an apartment we are used to in a typical Russian high-rise building.

But due to the many differences, ranging from climatic and ending with cultural and religious, the concepts of the comfort of a home in different countries differ significantly.

It is not difficult to notice this, just crossing the threshold of an ordinary Israeli apartment. We will tell you about the differences that are most striking for emigrants from Russia.

Because of the hot and humid climate in Israel, it is not customary to glue wallpaper. They quickly fade or swell.

And the most popular wall decoration is whitewashing or painting with light paint.

There is almost no centralized heating anywhere in Israel. They are usually heated in winter either by heaters or air conditioners.

Israelis heat water with solar, electric or gas boilers.

The layout of Israeli apartments differs from the Russian one. Usually it is a very large room combined with a kitchen and small bedrooms. Also in Israel there is a clear separation of the functions of the hall and the functions of the bedroom.

They almost never sleep in the hall. This room is for spending time with your family.

Many Israeli homes do not have baths, only showers. This is due to savings. Israel does not have its own sources of fresh water, its supplies are replenished during the rainy season, and therefore water tariffs are very high here!

Israeli apartments with 3 rooms or more often have 2 toilets. Usually one toilet is located separately, and the second is combined with a bathroom.

A distinctive feature of Israeli apartments is a special bomb shelter room, or security room.

Most often, it is slightly smaller than other rooms in the apartment, and is distinguished by very thick walls, an iron door and a window with iron shutters.

There are 2 types of balconies in Israel: a sunny balcony and a technical balcony. The technical balconies are quite small and are located in the bathroom or in the kitchen.

Usually on such balconies there is a washing machine, some kind of technical cabinets, you can hang out linen to dry.

In Israeli apartments you will not find carpets, as well as linoleum, laminate, parquet and other floor coverings familiar to us.

Almost all rooms have ceramic tiles. This is very convenient in hot and dusty climates. Tiles cool the floor and can be cleaned quickly and easily.

The windows in Israeli apartments are insect screens, triss (thick blinds) from the sun and, in fact, glass. Curtains and curtains are not very common.

For one ordinary family in Israel, as a rule, there are 3 children. Therefore, there are few small apartments.

New buildings are practically not built with apartments of less than 3 rooms and an area of ​​less than 100 square meters.

When entering any Jewish home, on the outer doorposts of the door, you can see a mezuzah – a scroll of parchment with words from the Torah.

Before leaving or entering the house, the fingers of the right hand are brought to the mezuzah, and then they are kissed.

As you can see, the average apartments and houses in Israel differ from those in Russia in their layout, in the presence of special rooms, bomb shelters, interior decoration and heating systems.

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