May 15, 2022
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Features of glazing balconies and loggias

Features of glazing balconies and loggiasFeatures of glazing balconies and loggias

To get additional usable area, and at the same time to insulate your home well, you can glaze loggias or balconies, if they are available. For this, various methods and technologies can be used. What to choose?

Warm glazing

A distinctive feature of this technology is the use of specially prepared PVC structures. With their help, you can equip the balconies so that they can be used for work, leisure or for other purposes.

In order to implement this glazing method, profiles provided by various companies can be used. But it is important to consider that it is German designs that are especially popular. All because they have some advantages.

  1. With their help, you can reduce the likelihood of drafts. Therefore, additional insulation is not necessary.
  2. By means of a high-quality polyvinyl chloride construction, the noise level can be significantly reduced. This is true for people who live near the parking lot, the roadway.
  3. With the correct implementation of warm glazing, you can get additional space at your disposal.

This work should be trusted to professionals who have quite a lot of experience.

cold glazing

Another option that is used in some cases is cold glazing. In order to implement it, professionals use structures prepared from aluminum. This method can be used provided that the balcony will be used for drying things or for storing certain items.

Most often, this type of glazing is used because it is possible to reduce costs by an order of magnitude. Additional benefits of cold glazing include:

  1. The material that is used for these purposes is distinguished by an increased level of wear resistance. Thus, the average period of use exceeds 80 years.
  2. When properly prepared, aluminum structures have an attractive appearance. Additionally, you can carry out their coloring, using special paints and varnishes for this.

By means of aluminum structures that are well prepared for cold glazing, it is possible to exclude the possibility of dust and dirt entering the balcony. Due to the fact that this design is distinguished by its low weight, it is not necessary to additionally strengthen it.

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