May 2, 2022
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Features of cargo transportation from the Russian Federation to Uzbekistan

Features of cargo transportation from the Russian Federation to Uzbekistantrucking

Transportation of goods Moscow – Uzbekistan is a popular service provided by specialized transport companies. The Asian direction of transportation is now in demand by business owners who are looking for new markets for their products. International cargo transportation to Uzbekistan is quite a popular destination. Delivery can be arranged to any region of the state. Logistics companies set affordable rates.

Cargo transportation by land transport (mainly by cars) makes it possible to transport various goods relatively quickly. Most often sent:

  • products;
  • loose;
  • transport and accessories;
  • commercial goods;
  • building materials.

There are several ways to send a parcel to Uzbekistan from Moscow and other Russian cities. Each of them has its own characteristics:

  • Trucks. Employees of logistics companies themselves select a vehicle that is suitable for carrying capacity.
  • Railway communication. Trains deliver containers of 20 or 40 feet, and special platforms are also used. The advantages of this method are the absence of restrictions on the size and weight of the goods.
  • Air transportation. By plane, you can quickly deliver the package to its destination. Six international airports successfully operate in Uzbekistan, so air transportation is popular.

Sometimes the method of multimodal cargo transportation is used, which involves the use of several modes of transport at once.

Cargo transportation to Uzbekistan from Moscow: price

If you need to deliver a small batch from Moscow, use the groupage delivery method. This is a very simple circuit. The transport service accepts the package from the client and places it in its own warehouse. The specifics of the cargo are taken into account, suitable storage conditions are created for it. The parcel will be in the warehouse until enough other goods are collected to be sent in one direction.

Employees of the company draw up each parcel in accordance with customs requirements. It is necessary to obtain permits, certificates, draw up all documents. After the final formation of the parcel, it is loaded onto the selected vehicle and sent to the destination. Immediately after arrival, the goods are unloaded at the warehouse of the receiving company.

The cost of cargo transportation to Uzbekistan from Moscow depends on various factors: distance, delivery method, specifics of customs clearance of certain goods. Also, the cost will be reflected in the size, volume and price of the cargo itself. The exact cost will be calculated by the employees of the transport company.

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