Apr 20, 2022
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Features of bolts OST 1 31103 80

Features of bolts OST 1 31103 80bolts OST 1 31103 80

In the manufacture of fasteners that are used to mount engines and aircraft instruments, special requirements are met. Bolts OST 1 31103 80 are reliable and wear-resistant fasteners. It has a number of advantages.

Bolts OST 1 31103 80

The abbreviation “OST” means “industry standard”. In the manufacture of bolts, the manufacturer must adhere to certain technological conditions. Only in this case the product will meet the standard. You can learn more about OST 1 31103 80 here:

Bolts are produced for specific tasks. OST 1 31103 80 is considered the most reliable. Bolts are made for the installation of products that constantly have a dynamic load. The use of less durable fasteners leads to a quick failure of the device.

30KhGSA steel is used for manufacturing. Initially, the alloy was developed for the aviation complex. The developers took into account the limiting loads that aircraft face in the air. The alloy contains such components as:

  • silicon;
  • manganese;
  • chromium.

Thanks to these components, the desired technical characteristics are achieved. Aircraft construction is not the only area where OST 1 31103 80 is used. Bolts are used in the assembly of machine tools, automobiles and various equipment, during the operation of which such characteristic phenomena as hypothermia, strong heating or vibration occur.

Products are made from wire and rods. In the manufacture, the technique of upsetting and turning is used. Errors in the form of small chips or scratches are allowed. At the end of the manufacturing process, a special protective coating is applied to the product. The presence of a layer allows you to increase the duration of operation and improve the properties of the part.

Advantages of OST 1 31103 80

You can buy a bolt OST 1 31103 80 in specialized stores. An industry-standard fastener is strong, wear-resistant, and durable. Bolts are not subject to corrosion and mechanical stress.

When using fasteners, you can get both detachable and one-piece connections. Washers and nuts of the appropriate standard are also used for mounting. If required, fasteners can be disassembled and reused, thanks to the preservation of integrity. It is quite easy to carry out dismantling work.

Bolts OST 1 31103 80 are light enough. Therefore, during assembly, the total weight of the structure is minimal. This is especially important in the construction of aviation equipment.

Another advantage of industry standard bolts is the ease of installation when using them. To assemble the structure, no additional tools or equipment are required. To complete the task, prepared holes, a wrench and auxiliary elements are sufficient.

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