Feb 20, 2021
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Features and structure of vinyl floor

Features and structure of vinyl floor

Vinyl flooring is created using a unique technology, thanks to which it acquires unique characteristics.

Vinyl stands out among modern high-tech floor coverings. It has unique parameters, so its popularity is gradually increasing.

Vinyl floor structure

To create a high-quality vinyl floor, presented in the assortment in the catalog, experts use a unique technology. This coating includes several main layers:

  • The foundation. A vinyl backing is used as a base. With the help of such a base, the floor covering is stabilized. In addition, the level of durability is increased with a vinyl spacer.
  • Balance layer. Fiberglass is used for its manufacture. This layer creates the correct shape of the floor covering. In addition, the load is more evenly distributed on this basis.
  • Base layer. For its preparation, not only vinyl is used, but also certain fiberglass fibers, plasticizers, as well as crumb made of quartz. The base layer helps to increase the level of strength of the material.
  • Decorative layer. It is applied by means of a stencil machine. In this case, you can apply an image of a certain shade, color.
  • Protective layer. In order to prepare it, polyurethane is used. This layer is problematic to notice, since it is completely transparent.
Features and structure of vinyl floor

The main types of vinyl floor

Vinyl flooring comes in a variety of formats. Among the popular options available are:

  • Roll. It should be used if the room is rather large. Laying can be done with a special adhesive. As a rule, this material is supplied in such a size as 2×25 meters.
  • Vinyl plank. This bar is presented in a standard size. You can choose a plank, the length of which is from 90 to 130 cm. Since in most cases vinyl planks imitate wood or natural stone, everyone can choose what they want.
  • Tile. It is presented in an extensive range. Among the many types, you can choose tiles, for example, square or polygonal. But it should be borne in mind that the more complex the form, the more difficulties it will be during installation.

To purchase a high-quality vinyl floor, you should choose responsibly.

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