May 8, 2022
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Features and rules of company registration in England

Features and rules of company registration in EnglandFeatures and rules of company registration in England

Today you can do business not only in your own country, but also abroad. But before the registration of a company in England, you should properly prepare.

Choosing the right type of company organization

Before proceeding with the registration process, you should initially select the appropriate type:

  • Limited Liability Company. This legal entity operates almost independently of the owners. But at the same time, the owners are directly responsible for everything.
  • Joint stock company (open type). It belongs directly to the individual. In this case, the owner can sell his own shares.
  • Limited Liability Partnership. In this case, the company can work with other companies, as well as draw up contractual relations.
  • Scottish partnership. In this case, there is a limited partner who does not bear any financial responsibility, as well as a responsible partner.

Basic conditions

In order to register a company in the UK, it is necessary not only to open an account abroad for legal entities, but also to fulfill several additional conditions:

  1. You must first register for VAT, as well as in the system of the UK Revenue Service. This is necessary in order to carry out social contributions, as well as pay the marching tax.
  2. Be sure to have properly prepared staff documents, as well as basic primary accounting information. All this will save you from many problems.
  3. Additionally, you need to prepare a notice that must be submitted to the Registration Chamber.
  4. Another important point is the payment of the corresponding corporate tax, which is charged on all income. In the future, distribution is carried out among those people who are shareholders.

Additionally, you need to study the requirements that the head of an open British company must meet.

Registration features

To register a company, you must first prepare an application. It should include information not only about the management, but also about the founders. Additionally, you need to enter many other data, the need for which may arise. In most cases, the registration procedure takes from one to five days. It all depends on how quickly everything needs to be done. In order to speed up this process by an order of magnitude, it is possible to involve in this procedure professionals who have been working in this area for more than a year.

It should be borne in mind that British law has many subtleties. And that is why it is problematic for a person who does not have the appropriate training to do everything. To reduce the likelihood of problems, you should use the services of professionals. This approach will allow you to quickly prepare all the documentation, as well as draw up all the required papers.

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