Sep 19, 2022
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Features and methods of cleaning sewers in private homes

Features and methods of cleaning sewers in private homesFeatures and methods of cleaning sewers in private homes

Clogging of the sewer system is a common problem not only for apartment residents, but also for residents of private houses. Below are the main reasons why sewer pipes can become clogged, as well as how the sewer is cleaned in the house in different ways.

The reasons

There are some of the most common causes of clogged drains:

  1. Food waste.
  2. Hygiene products.
  3. Hair.
  4. Chemical means.
  5. Installation errors.

Food waste is the most common cause of clogged kitchen plumbing. Often this is due to the fact that the surface of the pipes inside is rough, and therefore it easily collects food residues on itself, which accumulate too much over time, so that the water stops passing.

In the same way, hygiene products, for example, toilet paper, napkins, cotton pads, and so on, can get into the pipes. In the sewer pipes of the bathroom, blockages are often provoked by a large accumulation of hair, which, falling into the drain, form a kind of network and cling to other debris. This creates a large clump of waste that impedes the flow of water.

Often, blockages also occur due to household chemicals, which is equally true for both the bathroom and the kitchen. Due to the fatty composition of detergents, a so-called “soap plug” can form inside the pipe, which not only prevents water from passing through, but also destroys the pipe from the inside.

Sewer cleaning methods

There are three ways to clean the sewer system from blockages:

  1. Chemical.
  2. Mechanical.
  3. Hydrodynamic.

The chemical method is the simplest, it involves the use of specialized pipe cleaners. Well-known examples of such compositions are: “Mole”, “Domestos”, “Sanfor” and others.

Mechanical cleaning is carried out through the use of tools, namely a plunger or a plumbing cable. The hydrodynamic method of cleaning the sewer is the most effective, but here you need a call master, because for work you will need a whole range of special tools, including a water compressor, appropriate nozzles and a rubber hose.

Using each of the above methods, you can eliminate blockages in the sewer system yourself, but you should remember to follow the right technologies in the cleaning process, because otherwise, you can not only not solve the problem, but also damage the pipeline. People who do not have experience in the plumbing field, it is better to immediately contact the experts.

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