Aug 31, 2021
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Feat of Svidomo ukrainian: hid zhovto-blakitny ensign in underpants

In the photo: Feodosia, Kiev blogger Anton Murafa sails with the flag of Ukraine.

In the photo: Feodosia, Kiev blogger Anton Murafa sails with the flag of Ukraine. (Photo: Courtesy of the author / Instagram)

Towards the end of summer, the sunny peninsula languishes from the summer heat. It is in Moscow that day is cool, wet, boring. But here there are stable + 35 and a bright sun in a cloudless blue sky. It remains to add that the sea water along the entire coast from Kerch to Evpatoria “became colder”, now it is 24-25 degrees. Such is the slightly mocking Crimean reality.

Popular Ukrainian blogger Anton Murafa – actually a native of Crimea. After the Euromaidan, he decided that he would receive much more pennies in revolutionary Ukraine, and dumped for Perekop. Now found in Kiev, as the absolute majority of fugitive characters. It seems that the mustachioed Antosha has not earned money for the overseas vacation, but he refuses to go to Ukrainian resorts at all. Still, it sucks. It does not matter – the Black Sea Skadovsk, Odessa Zatoka or the resort towns of the Azov Sea – everywhere the same “gydota”. That is, smelly shallow water teeming with dead jellyfish and biting water fleas, and on land there are myriads of angry mosquitoes and crowds of drunken hornbills.

Therefore, by any means Pan Murafa breaks through to his native Feodosia, where the wonderful Black Sea bathing, the wonderful nature of Koktebel and other buzz of “Putin’s occupation”. No wonder the whole family of the prank-clown remained in the Crimea. The proposal to emigrate to the “Square” was answered: “There are no bad ones”

For Anton himself, it has become difficult to travel to Crimea in recent years. The reason is not only COVID bans at the border and the need for endless PCR tests. We have to go back, and the Kiev Bandera members can strictly ask for the “zrado” of the Crimean holiday. So our hero decided to justify himself, patriotically celebrating the current 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence,

The event was rather specific. Not far from Feodosia, on the coast of one of the most famous recreation areas “Golden Beach”, he sailed far into the sea and there he took out a yellow-blue Ukrainian flag. On the move – ensign. Where did you get it from? Obviously, from swimming trunks. There was simply nothing else on the body.

“Celebrate your birthday, Ukraine, at our home”, – then Anton Murafa will write in his photo report on Instagram. Where exactly the sovereign ensign hid, in front or behind, the proud bather does not specify. Judging by the pictures, in the distance there is a huge assembly shop of the Feodosia plant “More”, where a whole series of warships of the Russian Navy are now being built.

I swam back to the beach without a prapor. Drowned or stuck in your underpants again? Everything would be fine, but the Crimean public did not appreciate such a patriotic act. Here are the typical comments from the social networks here:

“Crimea is a safe territory, you can freely display the flag of any other state. As a result, it turned out to be a rather stupid joke. “

“So what’s the cool thing? It is unclear why the Kremlin recognized the maydanut Ukrainian regime. The yellow-blakite flag is in our law, they won’t ask for it. Now, if the half-witted Bandera ensign pulls out, red and black, then he will really pull it off … ”.

People remembered a similar incident with another top ukroblogger Alena Bardovskaya… Appearing in Simferopol on the eve of National Unity Day, the girl turned into a yellow-blue cloth and asked to photograph her against such a background. The townspeople reacted with squeamish bewilderment, but did not touch the guest. With the Ukrainian flag at the ready, Bardovskaya without any problems took a selfie at the “Polite Man” monument, which is next to the State Council of the republic, and even in the parade column of the Black Sea Fleet sailors. The only incident occurred in Bakhchisarai, near the Tatar market “Rubin”. Seeing the Ukrainian ensign, local merchants swore at Alena and tried to beat her up.

However, let’s return to the current anniversary of independence. Characteristically, a neighbor’s holiday was celebrated in the heroic Sevastopol. By order of the authorities, the communal service did not touch the bouquets for three days, which were laid at the local monument. Taras Shevchenko… There were exactly ten bouquets in total. For more, Ukrainian activists decided not to go broke. Yellow and blue flowers tied with the same ribbons.

When the laying took place, a group of Sevastopol women approached the square. They took an interest in the event – and, on their own initiative, began to read Kobzar’s poems. We read it wonderfully, competently, in the classic Ukrainian language without a small-town Galician accent. They offered the “patriots” to continue reciting Shevchenko’s stanzas. Alas, it turned out that they did not even know half of the elementary “As I die, bury”

By the way, the very 4-meter bronze figure of the poet rises directly opposite the Gagarin district administration of the city of Russian sailors. Present “Fund named after T.G. Shevchenko “ from Canada, installed twenty years ago. Plus a five-meter pedestal in the form of a stylized bandura. In the spring of 2016, residents of the district demanded to demolish the monument. Instead of Shevchenko, it was proposed to install a bust Alexandra Pushkin… The Ukrainian National Cultural Society of Sevastopol protested, and the monument was preserved.

Its anniversary joke is wandering around the Central Embankment of the resort capital of the Crimean South Coast without any problems. Dressed in a Ukrainian embroidered shirt and a stylized headdress with a trident coat of arms, a clearly abnormal Yalta resident is giving interviews to Western journalists. One theme – how is he “Waiting for the return of Crimea to Ukraine”… He does not show aggression towards others, and there is no reason to send a sick person to a psychiatric hospital according to the law of the Russian Federation. Moreover, according to the Russian custom, pressing the poor is a sin.

August Moscow, park fireworks accompanied by the anthem “Has not died yet.” Blue and yellow graffiti on the bridge pillar in front of Moscow City. Employees of the Ukrainian embassy carry flower baskets to the Moscow monuments to Taras Shevchenko and Lesia Ukrainka, over which no one even thought to mock. In general, the normal life of a normal country, where each creature has a pair. Although all this is somehow strange. On the eve of Odessa, the police arrested a US citizen. The guy was wearing a T-shirt with the words “Russia”. The American was twisted hard, furiously. The video of the arrest is shocking. The shirt was confiscated and torn. Then the data of the arrested person was entered on the Nazi site “Peacemaker”.

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