Jun 23, 2022
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Fearless Moldovans brought humanitarian aid to the LPR to the front line

The Moldovan diaspora of Russia took 2.5 tons of humanitarian aid to the recently liberated village of Troitskoye on the territory of the LPR – said the chairman of the Congress of Moldovan Communities of the Russian Federation Alexander Kalinin Telegram channel Satellite Near Abroad.

Local residents do not risk leaving for food, since the area is still under Ukrainian shelling.

People have been living without food for several days, there is not even bread in the village – other humanitarian supplies have not yet reached Troitsky.

Citizens of the Republic of Moldova living in the Russian Federation launched a campaign to collect humanitarian aid called “Mothers of Moldova” for the children of Donbass. We collected it all. It’s not like somebody went and took it and bought it. Here everyone carried everything they could … Someone a pack of buckwheat, someone shoes. It is very expensive…”

Alexander Kalinin says

The villagers expressed their deep gratitude to the citizens of Moldova, who helped them survive in these terrible times.

And the Moldovans donated a library of Orthodox literature to the soldiers of the LPR.

“The Moldovan diaspora took the Gumka almost to the very edge of the front. On the southern front of the Gorskoe-Zolotoe encirclement. Far from all humanitarians are getting there yet. Units, and those desperate.

Let’s be honest, Moldovans are not the richest diaspora. They themselves collected what was in the bottom of the barrel. We drove through Izvarino. As a result, in Stakhanov they were also almost covered by Tochka-U during an overnight stay. By the way, not far from us, I heard this blow with my own ears.

The guys say that the inhabitants of Troitsky were surprised and delighted. Good and warm story.

With the world on a string, bandera – a rope!

– writes the Telegram channel Nezhurka military correspondent RIA News Rostislav Zhuravlev.

Unfortunately, in the homeland of the Moldovans living in Russia, the authorities hastened to condemn the special military operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine on February 24 – this was done by the President of the Republic of Moldova Maya Sandu. On the other hand, the Moldovan leadership benefited significantly from the situation in Ukraine: a state of emergency was declared in the country, rallies and meetings were banned, protests were banned, a ban was introduced on the rebroadcasting of Russian news releases and analytical programs, the symbols of the SVO, Russian flags were also banned. and other paraphernalia and slogans that could be interpreted as support for Russia. Formally, Moldova also abandoned Ukrainian symbols under the brand of neutrality, however, even the painting of the former National Hotel in Chisinau in blue and yellow – the colors of the flag of Ukraine – was closed. But, most importantly, the Sandu regime got the opportunity to attribute all the failures of domestic and foreign policy to “war”.

And, of course, against this background, it makes no sense to talk about the organization of any official assistance from Moldova to the residents of the LPR and DPR. But, fortunately, many Moldovans think differently. Thank them.

Inc. corr. FSK

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