Dec 29, 2020
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FBK announced the initiation of a criminal case against Lyubov Sobol

A criminal case has been initiated against Lyubov Sobol, a lawyer of the Anti-Corruption Foundation, on violation of the inviolability of the home with the use of violence or with the threat of its use.

This was announced by the director of FBK Ivan Zhdanov.

The maximum sentence under this article is up to two years in prison.

Zhdanov clarified that “this will be the first case initiated upon a call in the literal sense of the word.”

According to lawyer Lyubov Sobol Vladimir Voronin, she is a witness in a criminal case violation of the inviolability of the home with the use of violence or the threat of its use.

This follows from the ruling that the lawyer published on twitter.

According to the document, in the afternoon 25 December “an unidentified person” decided to get into two apartments on Suzdalskaya street. There, according to the FBK, lives the alleged poisoner of Alexei Navalny, FSB officer Konstantin Kudryavtsev.

The decision states that G.V. Subbotina lives in these apartments, against whom an unidentified person “used violence, grabbing her left hand and pushing from the door with her shoulder “, from which Subbotina” experienced moral suffering and physical pain. “

After that, an unknown person entered her apartment and walked around her.

Open Media and Alexei Navalny write that Galina Subbotina is Kudryavtsev’s mother-in-law.

The investigator also ordered that Sobol’s shoes be taken away because of her refusal to donate DNA samples for comparative research. This is also stated in the decree.

25 December Lyubov Sobol was detained at the house of Kudryavtsev. Before that, she called the door of the apartment where Kudryavtsev lives. At some point, Galina Subbotina came out of one of the apartments.

In the morning 21 December, Sobol’s apartment was searched. She was taken to the Investigative Committee for questioning.

Earlier, Alexey Navalny published a recording of his conversation with one of his alleged poisoners, Konstantin Kudryavtsev.

He actually confirmed that Navalny was planned to be killed, and his life was saved by an emergency landing in Omsk and atropine introduced by ambulance paramedics.

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