Sep 17, 2020
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FBK and "Project" told where the bottle came from, on which they found traces "Newbie": she proves that Navalny was poisoned to the airport

Alexei Navalny's team revealed the "secret" of a plastic water bottle, on which a German laboratory found traces of a chemical warfare agent from the Novichok group. Until now, it was not known exactly where it came from, the media expressed a version that it was transferred to Germany from an airplane on which Navalny became ill.

The question of where the bottle came from and how it got to Berlin was asked by Russian diplomats, including 9 questions to the MEPs. The Russian embassy found it suspicious that CCTV cameras had not recorded that Navalny drank from this bottle before the ill-fated flight from Tomsk to Moscow.

"This is a bottle from a room in a Tomsk hotel where Navalny himself and our entire film crew stayed," the politician said on Instagram. The Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK) explained that on August 20, part of the team flew to Moscow, and part remained in Tomsk to finish the video investigation. The FBK employees in Tomsk found out almost immediately that Navalny had lost consciousness on the plane.

"At that moment, the only possible thing was done. They called a lawyer, went up to the room from which Navalny had just left, and began to record, describe and pack everything that they found there. Including bottles from under the hotel water," - explained in FBK. This process was recorded on video.

"There was no particular hope of discovering something like that. But since it was absolutely clear to us that Navalny was not" slightly ill, "he was not" overheated, "and there was no way to help Rafaelka here, it was decided to take everything that could be hypothetically useful. and hand it over to doctors in Germany. The fact that the case will not be investigated in Russia was also quite obvious, "the message says.

Two weeks later, it was on this bottle that traces of "Novichok" were found. “Now we understand: this was done before he left his room to go to the airport,” the FBK concluded.

The Proekt edition came to the same conclusions during its investigation, also devoted to the mysterious bottle. The press service of the S7 airline, which Navalny flew, said that, according to the documents, upon arrival in Moscow, there were as many bottles on board as were loaded in Tomsk, including empty ones. The passengers of the plane interviewed by the Project do not remember that Navalny was given water on board.

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