Feb 18, 2021
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FBI Tests Possible Concealment of COVID Deaths in New York State

The FBI and prosecutors have launched an investigation into the administration of New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, suspected of concealing the true number of coronavirus victims who died in state nursing homes last year, ABC reported.

The source clarifies that then the administration provided data on 8.7 thousand deaths, however, as it turned out, these figures were half as low.

As it became known to the newspaper The New York Times, this information was told by Cuomo’s aide Melissa Deroza during a personal meeting with the Democrats, then the administration felt that high death rates could somehow help former US President Donald Trump increase his chances in elections.

According to DeRose, Trump has launched a campaign against the Democratic governors, spreading information on social media that the state leadership “kills in nursing homes.”

It was previously reported that thousands of military personnel in the United States are refusing or tolerating COVID-19 vaccinations due to reported negative cases.

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