Nov 18, 2021
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FBI and the diary of the daughter of the President of the United States Ashley Biden

In the early morning of November 6, FBI agents raided the office of James O’Keeffe, founder of the conservative investigative journalism Project Veritas. The feds were investigating how independent journalists obtained the diary of the daughter of the President of the United States, Ashley Biden.

James O Keefe

James O Keefe

The diary of Ashley, who suffered from drug addiction for a long time, was published long ago, it describes her romantic hobbies, the suffering from a disintegrating marriage, and there are a number of dubious, let’s say, episodes that concern Joe Biden himself.

James O’Keeffe claims that journalists Project veritas received the diary of the president’s daughter quite legally from her, reports New York Times, but the US Department of Justice thought differently and began an investigation into the theft of a diary against journalists who more than once exposed, as we wrote, the unseemly actions of the same Hillary Clinton.

Ashley Biden’s diary was published in the fall of 2020 ahead of the presidential election. A year later, American law enforcement officers were visited by a “sudden enlightenment”, and they came with searches to the journalists who had once received Ashley’s diary, and then voluntarily handed it over to the FBI.

Ashley Biden's diary

The purpose of the belated investigation is obvious – to compromise a popular resource. The diary theft proceedings were quickly closed, but ransacked the office Project veritas Fabeers handed over personal data of journalists and data of their computers to the publication New York Times

The flagship of the liberal press who is currently suing Project veritas, immediately published information leaked by the feds about the inner workings of the investigators, including their correspondence with lawyers, which, according to American law, is not subject to disclosure.

The scandal was so high-profile that the US Federal Court ordered to the Ministry of Justice to stop transferring personal data of employees Project veritas to the press.

The pressure of the Biden administration on independent media will continue and even grow, but this will not stop the decline in popularity of the liberal media. The TV channel was among the anti-leaders in the rating losses CNN, the total daily audience of which now amounts to 480 thousand people, which is 76% less than in January. In October, no program CNN did not gain more than a million viewers. “This marks an all-time low for the so-called ‘most trusted brand in the news'” Fox news

The drowning media ally was tried to be rescued by President Biden, who CNN “Lifebuoy” in the form of its participation in the live broadcast of the TV channel. However, nothing came of this venture, since the Americans preferred to watch the TV channel supporting the Republicans. Fox news

The reasons for the failure of this propaganda campaign, as well as other programs of the liberal media, are the silence on the hot agenda: the scandalous US withdrawal from Afghanistan, growing inflation and commodity shortages, attempts by the Virginia authorities to hide the rape in Loudon County schools, the persecution of protesters against teaching “critical racial theory” in schools, etc.

V CNN decided to redraw the information agenda, focused on “Vaccinating every American and containing the coronavirus pandemic” and … failed. Most popular program CNNhosted by Chris Cuomo, the younger brother of the ex-New York governor, is only 30th overall on cable TV. Cuomo’s program is watched by about 740 thousand Americans, while Tucker Carlson’s programs – more than 3 million.

Carlson’s popularity grew only after the NSA arranged illegal surveillance of him. Like the feds raid on the office Project veritas, NSA leaked information from Carlson’s personal correspondence to reporters from the Democratic Party’s flush cistern – portal Axios, where an article immediately appeared that Carlson wanted to organize an interview with Vladimir Putin. This action caused outrage even among NSA employees, one of whom called Carlson and shared information about his personal correspondence, to which the NSA gained access. The program, in which America’s most popular TV presenter revealed that “the Biden administration is spying on him,” received three million views.

Tucker Carlson also said that, according to his informant from the NSA, the leadership of this intelligence agency considered that the leaked information about Carlson’s intention to interview the Russian president could damage the TV presenter’s reputation in the eyes of the Americans. They did not find any other “compromising material” in the activities and personal life of Carlson. As a result, the TV presenter’s popularity only grew, and NSA Inspector General Robert Storch was forced to start “Investigating allegations of illegal surveillance of Tucker Carlson”

By persecuting some journalists simply for intending to interview a foreign leader, the American media turns a blind eye to the transgressions of others. The same Chris Cuomo was at the center of scandals that reveal the cuisine of the liberal media. Positioning himself as an “independent journalist”, he actively participated in a public relations campaign in defense of his brother, the mayor of New York, who was accused of deaths of elderly residents of the city and sexual harassment. And in the midst of the “pandemic” he used preferential medical services intended for a narrow circle of VIPs.

Due to falling ratings and dim prospects CNN media holding management Warner media, which owns this TV channel, made a decision exclude unpopular programs from its network and focus on news broadcasting, thereby recognizing its loss in competition with Fox news

V CNN massive layoffs are expected, which have already occurred in other media preaching the “new normal”. V Huffington post a third of its employees were fired, and two-thirds of journalists were thrown into the streets at the digital media company Buzzfeed, which owns the publication.

Happening Huffington post symptomatic. Back in the fall of 2020, this publication was viewed as a potential leader of the American liberal media, and its purchase cost Buzzfeed several hundred million dollars. And now, against the background of losses of $ 20 million, the owners of the holding have taken the path of mass layoffs.

American liberals called 2020 “the year of the crisis of good journalism.” Layoffs of journalists hit a record high, up nearly 200% from the previous year. According to New York Times, in 2020, 37 thousand journalists lost their jobs or switched to reduced salaries. And the most affected was the liberal American press industry, including New York Times… Now this publication assures that the American media are suffering from a “pandemic”.

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