Aug 18, 2022
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“Favorite of the Russian Aerospace Forces”. Western military experts noted an increase in purchases of the Su-34

The Su-34 fighter has become a favorite among the aircraft of the Russian Ministry of Defense. This conclusion was made by the journalists of the Military Watch Magazine.

According to their study, over the past decade, the Russian military most often ordered “dryers”. According to various estimates, at the beginning of 2022, 124 such fighter-bombers are in service with the Russian Aerospace Forces.

Experts noted that this aircraft model combines the best traditions of the Soviet aircraft industry and the latest electronic equipment.

Russian Aerospace Forces actively use it in military operations. This gives up-to-date combat experience both directly to the pilots, technical personnel, and to the command, which thus has the opportunity to collect up-to-date information about the capabilities of the aircraft.

Some Western analysts are sure that the refusal to export the Su-34 to other countries indicates Moscow’s desire for a complete rearmament of the VKS. This aircraft will make it possible to abandon the old Su-24M attack fighters and, possibly, part of the Su-25 attack aircraft and Tu-22M bombers.

Earlier it became known that the Prometheus combat security module will be presented for the first time at the Army-2022 forum. Representatives of JSC NPO Elektromashina stated that this product will be designed to work in departments of law enforcement agencies and specialized security companies.

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