Jul 8, 2020
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Father Ilia Averbukh supported his son’s affair with Lisa Arzamasova

08:05, 08.07.2020

The actress impressed Izyaslav Averbuch its seriousness.

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News about the novel the famous figure skating coach 46-year-old Ilya Averbuch and 25-year-old actress Elizabeth Arzamasova came as a surprise to their fans. A couple noticed in one of the cafes, the photographer who captured the lovers, touching, holding hands. Ilya and Lisa did not shy away from the persistent questions of journalists and confirmed their relationship.

"We do meet with Lisa and build our relationship... What can I say? — said Ilya Averbukh. The athlete did not answer the question about the wedding, but the father of the Olympic medalist has already approved the choice of his son. According to him, the young lass Ilya is a very serious girl and he's particularly fond of charitable Lisa, where she has been. The actress is a Trustee of the Fund of assistance to elderly people and disabled people "old age is a joy". "They always supported and support now especially choice son," said Izyaslav N. "MK".

Liza Arzamasova

Note that about the personal life of Arzamasova was not previously known, although regularly appeared rumors about her novels. Fans have long suspected that Lisa is Dating a colleague on the series "father's daughter" by Philip Pale. The actress did not comment, but in August 2013 on the girl's hand noticed the engagement ring. Later she attributed the relationship with the musician Rodion Gazmanov, which actively participated in the events organized by the Elizabeth in nursing homes as part of the charitable activities.

Ilya Averbukh in 1995, married his partner on the ice Irina Lobacheva, and two years later they had a son Martin. But in 2007, the athlete was suspected of the affair with Alice Grebenschikova and Ilia and Irina broke up. Lobacheva later admitted that the relationship deteriorated much before this incident. In her opinion, she gave her ex-husband so he had: expressed words of admiration, support was given understanding and so Elijah began to seek understanding on the side.

Ilya Averbukh

After the divorce of Averbuch's personal life nothing is known. Since then, he has been actively working on productions ice shows. At the beginning of this year, Ilya was in the center of the scandal. Yana Rudkovskaya has accused a famous figure skater that without permission used a song Dima Bilan called "Keep" number in the show. Ilya replied that he had acted in the framework of the concluded license agreements and the author of the text and music of the song Denis Kovalsky received after the show due to him cash payments. Rudkovskaya also condemned Averbuch that he saves on athletes in their ice show. The reason for this was the words of the choreographer that the average amount of fees for participating in his production is 150 thousand rubles for the performance.

Note that another actress, who starred in the TV series "Daddy's girls" has become the focus of public attention. Miroslava Karpovich noticed in the company of actor Paul Priluchny, which in mid-June, divorced Agatha muceniece. On Karpovich was hit by a wave of negativity and it blamed the breakup of the star couple. Miroslava and Paul were not commenting on rumors, noting that he kept his personal life secret.

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