Sep 21, 2022
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Father burned alive 12-year-old son who did not want to do homework

father burned his son because of the lessonsSchool performance of children is the cause of headache for a considerable number of parents. So Nazir Khan was so zealous about the education of his son Shahir that it ended in tragedy.

father burned his son because of the lessons

A resident of Karachi, Pakistan, was angered by the behavior of his 12-year-old son, who did not want to do his homework and instead wanted to go outside to fly a kite. After asking the boy a few questions about the school curriculum, the father received unsatisfactory answers, after which he decided to scare the negligent student. Nazir doused the child with kerosene and lit a match – he believed that the horror experienced would be a good punishment for Shahir. But the match accidentally ignited the combustible substance. Shazia, Shahir’s mother, came running to her son’s cries. Together with her husband, they extinguished the child, after which Shahir was taken to the hospital, but it was not possible to save him, and the boy died two days later.

father burned his son because of the lessons

Shazia mourned the loss for several days, and then she wrote a statement to the police against her husband, and Nazir was arrested. Now he is awaiting trial. The man admitted his guilt, but claims that he did not think about causing physical harm to his son, just wanting to scare him properly.

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