Jun 30, 2020
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“Fast boxes” – a simple and very cool trick

Healthy tricks are obtained with household items, which we often use! They are always at hand and the secrets of magic tricks with them are usually pretty simple. And here, by the way, the impression of the viewer is especially bright. He uses household items regularly and is used to them. And the magician shows them some incredible, amazing things!

In this article, we’ll look at the focus with a rather nimble matchbox that moves itself.

The trick is this. On the palm of your hand is a regular matchbox. The magician imitates movement, as if pulling a box of matches by the rope. And it opens, though hands did not touch it. Then the box “gets up” on the end.

The Secret of the “Shustro Box”

The focus uses boxes of matches and a transparent line.

1). For the trick you need to make a box-gimmick. In the retractable section-box of a regular box, at the bottom we will pierce a needle hole.

Focus with box

2). The same will be done on the back of the outer box liner. The hole should be pierced in about the same place as the box.

Focus with matchbox

3). Take a cut of the line in 50 cm. The thinner the line, the better. We used a forest 0.10 mm thick. We tie it to the end of one match.

trick with matches

4). We stretch the line into the hole in the box so that the tied match is inside.

The secret of the focus with the box

5) Next, extend the line into the hole of the outer liner box. We insert the line into the hole from the inside! We lower all the elements to the end of the line, put in a box of matches and close the boxes.


6). If you pull the line, the opposite side of the box will open.

Boxes on a fishing line

Then tie the loose end of the line to the pin, and it is hooked to the trousers.

We lay the line in the hand between the middle and ring finger, and put the boxes in the palm of your hand. By moving the palm and adjusting the tension of the thread, you can make the boxes move, open and close.

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