Sep 4, 2022
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Fashionistas offered to wear nuggets

shoes look like nuggetsThis fashionable novelty has already won the hearts of many people, but alas, only 50 lucky ones will get it.

shoes look like nuggets

McDonald’s in Australia teamed up with iconic brand UGG to create shoes called Nuggies, essentially ugg boots inspired by fried chicken pieces. The cute shoe is designed to resemble nuggets, right down to the texture. In addition, Nuggies are packaged not at all in an ordinary shoe box, but in a container that is a copy of a box with sauce.

shoes look like nuggets

However, as mentioned above, only the 50 most fortunate Australians can afford to flaunt the novelty. Within a few hours, fashionistas will need to visit the McDonald’s website and follow the instructions that appear there. It remains only to be glad for those who receive the original ugg boots. Or envy them.

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