Jan 24, 2021
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Fascists and police are one coalition

On the strength of the informal Maidan law in Ukraine

The killer of Oles Buzina foolishly blabbed out, and even in rhyme: “The fascists and the police are one coalition.” And it became a meme.

The police in Ukraine are Arsen Avakov. Against his will, the killer of the writer recalled that Avakov controls neo-Nazis – internal terrorists, as it is now customary to say overseas, in the land of the masters of Ukraine.

Some are trying to argue: they say, Avakov is fighting them to the best of his ability. They remember: a division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the “Tornado” battalion, was destroyed; Buzina’s case was opened and brought to court; the killers of journalist Pavel Sheremet have been identified … However, a closer look at these cases reveals the following.

“Tornado” was disbanded due to the fact that the “heroes” decided to steer the smuggling in their favor. Then it was discovered (suddenly!) That the “tornado cops” were criminals, and the commander of the “heroic” division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs had 5 (five!) Convictions. It was revealed that these “law enforcement officers” were engaged in the murder and brutal torture of the civilian population, but only 9 people from Avakov’s “Tornado” received prison sentences; in some cases these were terms like theft of a bicycle.

In the case of the murder of the writer Oles Buzina, everything is also clear. Only two perpetrators of the murder have been exposed, and both are walking free. “Chickbattalion of the Ministry of Internal Affairs “Kiev-2” Medvedko, the author of the meme about the fascists and the police, under Zelensky was elevated to the members of the Council of Public Control of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau. And the customers and leaders of the operation to kill Oles Buzina were not named by the investigation, they are being protected.

The Sheremet case is even more interesting. Avakov, in order to show his need for Zelensky, in December 2019 held a loud press conference with the participation of the president. It was announced that three persons were detained, who, according to Avakov, were involved in the murder of a publicist “with their complete exposure.” However, a year has passed, and the case quietly falls apart. Brothers of the “heroes” freely organize actions in support of the murderers; they are all tied to each other by crimes, and the police leadership, in turn, is tied with them in bloody chains. In their mouths the chant “One for all and all for one!” long ago acquired an unambiguous meaning.

Avakov gained strength again. Now he doesn’t need to show his need for Zelensky.

If we remembered the case of the murder of P. Sheremet, then this case is beneficial to Avakov alone – the murder itself, and the “exposure”, and the collapse of the case. In 2016, the head of the National Police of Ukraine was Khatia Dekanoidze, who was appointed to this position by the masters to reform the police. For Avakov, she was like a bone in his throat. Khatia did not obey him and zealously re-certified the police. According to media reports, the top commanding staff of the Kiev police was renewed by 80%, the average commanding staff – by 70%. Khatia said that the disclosure of the Sheremet case was “a matter of honor,” and four months later she was told “bye-bye.” Avakov put his people on “reforming the National Police”.

All this had to be remembered in connection with the dispersal of the anti-fascist action on January 19 by the forces of nationalists and the police. The action was being prepared in two places in Kiev – on Kontraktova Square, near the monument to Hetman Sagaidachny, and on Mikhailovskaya Square. The action against right-wing radicals on this day is traditional, held in different countries of the world in memory of the lawyer Stanislav Markelov and journalist Anastasia Baburova killed in 2009 in Moscow. In contrast to Ukraine, in the Russian Federation the killers were sentenced to maximum terms of imprisonment (one to life imprisonment, the other to 18 years in prison). These events are a reason to remind about the crimes of Ukrainian ultra-nationalists. And those don’t like it. On January 19, Ukrainian neo-Nazis again attacked anti-fascists, and law enforcement officers helped to disperse … anti-fascists under the pretext of a lockdown, of course (anything and anywhere can be attributed to a “pandemic”).


Photo: twitter / sharijnet

Meanwhile, there was no dispersal of the nationalists when they carried out their two “fire actions”. January 6 – under the walls of the Israeli embassy: they were allegedly offended by the words of the Israeli ambassador about Stepan Bandera, who said about Hitler’s accomplice what he deserved. Under the embassy VO “Svoboda” *, “Right Sector” *, “Tradition and Order”, “National Corps” * raged. There is no doubt that the action was approved by Avakov. He needs to be shown all the time that, if not him, Nazism cannot be held back. In the meantime, they say, everything is “within the framework”: they demand from Israel “to repent for the genocide of the Ukrainians”, “hinting at the role of the Jewish Bolsheviks in the Holodomor.” The action at the Israeli embassy was run by the head of C14 * Yevgeniy Karas, who appears as a shadow in the case of Buzina’s murder.

Even more vividly, the action of nationalists was organized on the occasion of the anniversary of the detention of Sheremet’s killers. “Representatives of the National Corps, volunteers, and other activists protested against the arrest of the murderers.” It was an extremely impudent and cynical action. Firstly, the action was theatrical and was called pompously: “The Funeral of Justice”. “Themis”, blindfolded, carried a book of the constitution, tied with a mourning ribbon, like a portrait of a deceased. What does it mean? Is it anti-constitutional to keep neo-Nazis in jail? Yes! After the coup d’etat of 2014, an invisible constitution is in effect in Ukraine, an informal Maidan law is in place to protect neo-Nazis, no matter what they do! Secondly, the transience of the action under the walls of Avakov’s department is remarkable. In theory, it is to Avakov that the neo-Nazis should have a claim: he “closed” the brothers. However, the activists were active near the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs “for less than 5 minutes,” then went to the office of the Prosecutor General. And the main part of the action was held under the president’s office on Bankova Street. Several hundred “twin-heroes” screamed, shouted, ran with a coffin … The press service of the National Police politely stated that “Law enforcement officers do not restrict citizens’ access to the president’s office during public events.”

So, on January 19 in Kiev, two anti-fascist rallies were crushed by the forces of neo-Nazis and the National Police. When anti-fascists from the All-Ukrainian youth public organization “Student Republic” tried to explain to a policeman with big stars that “Peaceful assembly is the constitutional right of the people”, the Avakov officer explained to them: “The Constitution is not in effect at this time”

Neo-Nazis rejoice: “The ultra-left wadded activists tried to hold their wadded sabbath, but thanks to the National Police, nothing worked out and everyone was packed. The case when the police are really national! Thank you!”

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