Aug 12, 2020
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FAS will check information on a sharp rise in the cost of jet fuel

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) will check the reliability of information on the rise in prices for aviation kerosene. A sharp rise in the price of aviation fuel will inevitably lead to an increase in the final cost of air tickets for consumers.

how reports TASS, citing the service, as of August 10, 2020, the wholesale (exchange) price of jet fuel was 30% lower than the price fixed on the same date last year. Also, according to the FAS monitoring data, at present, airlines have no difficulties in providing aviation kerosene at airports.

According to Armen Khanyan, head of the department of the fuel and energy complex and chemical industry of the FAS Russia, this situation may be caused by the unwillingness of airlines to purchase jet fuel on the exchange, and instead purchase it at auction. He also added that it is necessary to stop abuses in this area, since the cost of fuel directly affects the availability of air services for citizens of the Russian Federation.

The FAS added that at present, the department has not officially received applications from the AEVT and the Ministry of Transport regarding the verification of the rise in prices for aviation kerosene. previously wrote that the Russian Association of Air Transport Operators addressed the Ministry of Transport with a complaint about the sharp rise in prices for aviation kerosene.

Airlines representatives insist on checking the validity of the fuel price hike. As a result of the tenders held, the cost of fuel increased compared to July at Koltsovo airport in Yekaterinburg by 62.1%, at Domodedovo - by 33.4%, in Zhukovsky - by 36%, at St. Petersburg airport - by 18%, Blagoveshchensk - by 21.1%, Vladivostok - by 20.4%, in Krasnoyarsk - by 48.6%, the association cites the data in circulation on its website.

The sharp rise in fuel prices nullifies all measures taken by the government to overcome the crisis during the coronavirus pandemic. The rise in fuel prices will lead to higher ticket prices.

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