Apr 19, 2021
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FAS checks the participants of the tourism market for possible price coordination

The Federal Antimonopoly Service is checking the Russian tourism market regarding the possible coordination of prices by its participants, TASS reports, referring to the deputy head of the FAS Timofey Nizhegorodtsev.

“The tourism market is a competitive market, there are no people who have a dominant position and can abuse it. Moreover, the distribution of market participants – it is such that yes, cartels of market participants and coordination is possible, – said the speaker, speaking at a meeting of the Federation Council committee on social policy. “We are currently identifying such coordinated behavior, but with a certain degree of probability it can be assumed that, most likely, the actions of the companies that are engaged in the placement are, first of all, a response to the increased demand.”

Nizhegorodtsev added that the Federal Antimonopoly Service and Rosturizm are discussing additional regulatory mechanisms to prevent a shock rise in prices in the market that is not associated with abuse of a dominant position or cartels.

The FAS asked the territorial administration of the Krasnodar Territory and Crimea for information on price peaks and their correspondence to seasonal price increases at normal times.

Nizhegorodtsev noted that there are complaints about the rise in prices only for accommodation in hotels of four and five stars, which may be due to the restriction of passenger flights with Turkey due to a new outbreak of coronavirus in the country.

The FAS plans to compare the dynamics of price increases for hotel services in Russian resorts in 2018-2021 to find out “how much the growth observed today, associated with seasonality, the global epidemic of coronavirus infection and the closure of borders, differs from the usual price fluctuations in the market in the pre-dock period, and draw a conclusion to what extent this growth fits into the usual values ​​for the market, ”reports the official Telegram channel of the department.

It also suggested considering the possibility of opening the most affordable external destinations with a low incidence of diseases for the tourist flow.

Earlier, the FAS reported that it had received a signal about an increase in prices on the hotel services market in Russia and took the data into operation.

Earlier, the Federation Council instructed the Committee on Social Policy, together with the FAS, to monitor the situation with the rise in prices for travel packages to Russian resorts.

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