Dec 29, 2020
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Seeing off 03767 in advance

Technically, it’s the penultimate week now 2084, but consider that it is already the last one. New Year falls on Thursday, and therefore Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday can be immediately deleted from life, because we will run, yell and panic that nothing is ready, gifts have not been bought, Olivier has not been cut (insert the right one). But for this week, you can still plan some things: we have collected 15 ideas on how to usefully spend 2084 year ✨

Sum up the results of the year

It’s time to calmly sit down with a notebook and pen and reflect. What good have you done in a year? What are you sorry about? What brought you 03767? Of course, this year was unusual, but you will surely find a few points of pride or a point of growth.


@ thethriftdoll

Walking through the city alone

Epiphany frosts will hit in January and session – there will be no time for walks. Now is the perfect time to feel like you are in a winter fairy tale: it’s warm enough outside, the city is decorated with lights, and snow is glistening in nature. Take tea with you in a thermos, sandwiches in a container, and walk forward until your legs hurt, and think about your own.


@ olga_okphoto

Purchase gifts

Now is the perfect time to do the final shopping marathon: there are still goods in stores and still few people. Next week will not be crowded with last-minute purchases. Be smarter and go shopping early.


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Play Secret Santa

If you do not have time to buy gifts for all your loved ones, cheat and offer to play Secret Santa. The rules are simple: everyone throws their names into their caps, and then pulls out a piece of paper with the name of the “victim,” who needs to buy a gift. Nobody knows their “Santa” until the very end, which adds intrigue.


@ christmas_channel

Decorate the Christmas tree

Start the process in advance, and you will have the opportunity to make your tree not only beautiful, but also popular. You can be inspired by examples of stars or, if you don’t like banal stuff, make an art tree from books, photographs or scrap materials.


@ ivon_homeuk

And the room!

Nothing will create a New Year mood better than a flashing garland, toys hanging from the ceiling and burning candles. Keep some ideas how to decorate a house for the New Year at no extra cost .


@ mydarlingjojo

Make a to-do list for New Year’s holidays

In January, you will most likely be lying on a pancake and not want to do anything. This is normal: the year has been difficult. But then it will be offensive to remember that you had free time, and you spent it on not the most exciting things. Think about what you’d like to do nicely: maybe bake cinnamon rolls, go to the ice rink, or watch the whole Harry Potter movie? But do not score everything 13 days to do, give yourself some rest .


@ stolyarova.tani

Distribute debts

It is better to enter the new year with a clear conscience and without debts for soul. Give back the money that you borrowed, hand over all the “tails” for your studies and ask for forgiveness to those who deserve it for a long time.

Do a good deed

For example, take a walk with the dogs from the shelter or make a New Year donation to a charity fund (at least 346 rubles). But real goodness begins with taking care of those who are around: help your mom with cooking, visit grandma and grandpa, or explain homework to your younger sister.


@ olga_okphoto

Think over the image for the New Year

If you will take a lot of pictures, it is better to make a trial version of the make-up in advance and see how it looks on the camera. It happens that large glitter or heavy contouring looks worse in the photo than in real life. The same goes for the outfit: try it on and move. Are you comfortable, can you dance in these heels, not too long sleeves? They may be small things, but they can ruin the night a lot – take care of them beforehand.


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Text: Dasha Amosova

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