Jan 10, 2022
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FAO: Rising food prices cannot be stopped

FAO: Rising food prices cannot be stopped

Photo: Mikhail Japaridze / TASS

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), in 2021 the food price index for the whole planet increased by 28%. There is no question of any decrease in the cost of food, moreover, further price increases are predicted.

“While production is expected to increase due to high prices, high resource costs, the ongoing global pandemic and increasingly uncertain climatic conditions leave little room for optimism about a return to more stable market conditions even in 2022,” the senior said. employee economist Abdolreza Abbasyan

Actually, that’s all the logic. The report is short, is in the public domain, everyone can read it. And form your opinion about the FAO. Including whether such is necessary in principle, why the UN member states, including Russia, contain this structure.

The logical constructions are impressive. Either clinical idiots work in the FAO, or they are simply crooks who deliberately keep silent about the real state of affairs. The first option is unlikely, since kind people would have called an ambulance long ago. Therefore, no options …

If we are guided by the logic of “classical” capitalism, then such a high rise in prices should be the result of a similar (or comparable) increase in demand. Moreover, the demand is not anyhow, but solvent. It is clear that the poor Africans will devour everything, and what they do not devour, they will distil it into alcohol. But they are not able to buy it, since they really do not like to work. Such is the monetary and sexual crisis of local significance.

In the civilized regions of the planet, consumption is stabilized, there are no sharp fluctuations in demand. Moreover, due to the increase in the price of housing and communal services in the same European Union, people have less and less money to make fun of. That is, pamper yourself with a plentiful and varied meal.

In Germany, food in relation to wages is much more affordable than in Russia, and the Germans love to eat well. And wash it down with a respectable amount of beer. Our former compatriots, Russian Germans, are no different from “German Germans”. Moreover, they are even experiencing price increases much more calmly!

“I am aware of the rise in food prices in Russia, we still have a slower pace. But it’s still unpleasant. First of all, because there are no prerequisites for this. In the country with agriculture, everything is fine, there are no crop failures, there is a surplus of everything. It is not customary to save on food here, this is not to us, but across the western border. The French are pathologically greedy, yes, they are already saving. For us, who have survived the 90s, this rise in prices seems ridiculous. Although with what fright did the same bananas rise in price, and significantly, twice? Who needs them? ” – one of our former compatriots is indignant.

Indeed, banana prices have risen to 1.6 euros per kilogram. True, they are sold for “shares” for 1.29 euros – otherwise no one takes them at all. This fruit is not very popular in Germany, the only thing that helped is that it was the cheapest. But now this is already in the past.

With bananas on the planet, complete order. In India, the largest exporter of this product, there is a colossal overproduction, prices have fallen two to three times.

“I’ve been in this business since 1976. There hasn’t been such a drop in prices before, at least in the last 10 years, for sure, ”says the president of the Indian Banana Traders Association. K. Purushotham

In Ecuador, on the contrary, there is some poor harvest, but they are only happy about it. Even in such a situation, there is nowhere to put fruit, the prices of export deliveries are fixed, and the cost of delivery has increased. For every kilogram of bananas, the peasants suffer losses.

“Freight rates have doubled and in some cases even tripled. There are also many restrictions on the availability of containers, the ease we had in the past to get a seat is no longer there. When requesting a place, shippers can often receive only 40-50% of the required volume, ”complains a representative of the Ecuadorian company Gina Fruit Hugo castro

There are no fewer cargo ships either, just someone has sharply raised the prices. The WCI (World Container Index, the cost of transporting one 40-foot container – FEU – on eight main routes between the US, EU and Asia) as of the second half of November 2021 amounted to $ 9146, an increase over the year – 238%! Prices climbed to $ 10,377 per FEU, while the five-year average was $ 2,650.

Moreover, prices continue to rise, on a number of routes (mainly from China to the European Union) prices are marked at the level of $ 16,000- $ 17,000 per FEU!

Indeed, there is a collusion of carriers. However, it did not emerge from scratch. The objective reasons that various analysts like to write about – quarantines and other covid restrictions in ports – hit the industry hard, this is a fact. There are supply chain disruptions and pent-up demand, and the coronavirus has caused colossal damage to the global economy. In fact, this globality no longer exists.

Ecuadorian bananas, the cost of transporting which is several times more expensive than production, are no longer needed by anyone In Central America, hairs are already being torn at a certain place. In India, not everything is so sad, since the cost is even lower. But too little funny.

The global economy is collapsing rapidly. In fact, everyone is now sitting in their own burrow. Latinas and Indians with bananas, Filipinos with pineapples, Argentines with beef, and so on. There is a lot of everything, just heaps, but nowhere to go. Do not take out, do not sell.

Commodity Prices – Grain, Sugar, Coffee etc. – speculators are actively “cheating”, but there are no supplies here either. All, again, are sitting on the goods. Only the cost of rice is stable, and even then only because the Chinese have taken the merchants for “Faberge”.

And in this situation, the most interesting thing is not who started all this. This, in general, is understandable. Other conclusions should be drawn from the current situation in the world food market. More comprehensive.

Back to bananas again. Suddenly they became useless to anyone, although before that they fed entire countries, the term “banana republic” means exactly that. A state that lives off monoculture.

Russia, alas, is also a “banana republic”, we trade in hydrocarbons and other raw materials. There is nothing else, everything else is destroyed. On purpose! Let’s say that oil and gas are suddenly no longer needed. And this is by no means a fantasy!

At the very end of 2021, the Chinese “reported” that their EAST fusion reactor was able to maintain plasma (over 70 million degrees Celsius!) In an active state for 1056 seconds. That is, for almost 20 minutes, the reaction of the synthesis of helium from hydrogen and deuterium (heavy hydrogen) went on – a fuel, the amount of which is inexhaustible! Thus, a little more, and hydrocarbons will be replaced by environmentally friendly and endless energy.

Yes, it just won’t, most likely, there will be a war – between the Chinese and the world leaders of the oil market, that is, the Americans. But no one will throw “yadrenbatons”, and the Chinese will win in a “normal” war. The Yankes will quickly be driven back across the ocean, and they will wither away. Along the way, the PRC will regain Taiwan – they have the right!

Both the European Union and the United States will immediately build thermonuclear power plants, fortunately, everyone has the best practices. Besides us: in Russia, scientists working on this topic have either already left this world, or they are very old people. All research has been curtailed, equipment has been destroyed, and funding for science is close to zero. The “gas station” does not need science; the people of the country do not care about the future of the country.

Russia will remain at a broken trough – with depleted bowels, polluted nature, stolen finances, destroyed by science and industry, with a degrading illiterate population. At the same time, the flow of money to the state budget will stop. That’s it, basta, toddlers, the lafa is over!

It is not too late, there is money, not everything was withdrawn. Although the rate of capital transfer to the West is growing. But it is possible to adopt Chinese methods and bring them back. Build factories and plants, revive science, education and medicine. Then we’ll survive. Otherwise, no.

As for food prices, their state regulation on a global scale, or rather, in each country separately, is an inevitable future. There is more than enough food, and the speculators are starting to bore everyone more and more.

Immediately after New, 2022, January 3, administration Biden announced excessive concentration in the US meat industry. And she outlined a reform plan. A single online portal for the Department of Justice and USDA will be created to report antitrust violations in the meat processing industry in order to curb price collusion. Plus, it is planned to support “independent” meat processors and small meat producers. They do everything competently!

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