Sep 22, 2022
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Fans of Nyusha figured out her husband’s mistress


Singer Nyusha spoke about cheating.

A loud scandal erupted around the singer Nyusha, she is Anna Shurochkina, and her husband Igor Sivov. The couple publicly announced that they had experienced adultery in marriage, but did not specify who committed adultery. However, the singer’s fans themselves drew the necessary conclusions and accused Igor of infidelity, deciding that Nyusha physically could not “go left” because she was pregnant and then took care of the newborn baby.

Singer Nyusha - photo from the archive -
Singer Nyusha – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Some gossip went even further and figured out the alleged mistress of Sivov. So, according to the authors of the Nemalakhov Telegram channel, Nyusha’s husband could have an affair with Victoria Lopyreva. The fact is that the artist, having moved to the UAE, made friends there with a model and closely communicated with her. In addition, the artist’s husband, without hesitation, “liked” Victoria’s spectacular photos on the social network. And earlier he himself said that the reason for the betrayal in their marriage with Nyusha could be the loss of one of the spouses of sexual attractiveness.

Recall that Lopyreva is currently married to Igor Bulatov, to whom she gave birth to a son, Mark Lionel, in February 2019. However, before marrying a businessman, the model was involved in another adultery scandal. It was rumored that Victoria got along with Bulatov while he was married to Tata Karapetyan, who was her close friend. Allegedly, it was in her house that Lopyreva met Igor, and then took him away from a family with two children. Tata learned about everything from the media when she saw the published photos of her husband, who was resting with a homeowner.

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