Aug 25, 2022
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Fans gang up on Anfisa Chekhova


44-year-old presenter and actress Anfisa Chekhova complained about the persecution on the network for a vacation in America.

The artist did not have time to return from Indonesia, where she lived for several months, as she again went on a trip, and this time in splendid isolation. The TV presenter flew to the US and is currently having a great time in Dallas. However, not everyone likes bright pictures from a celebrity vacation.

Chekhova complained that she had a lot of haters who criticize her for a long vacation and are persistently interested in why she left for the States and when she will return.

What are you doing in Houston, Dallas, Austin, America? These questions surprise me, honestly. I enjoy life! What is the point of this life if you don’t enjoy it? Another thing is that everyone has different pleasures. Some people can’t be pulled out of the house, their greatest joy is to lie comfortably on the couch and watch TV”, – the TV presenter screamed because of the ill-wishers.

Anfisa Chekhova - photo from the archive -
Anfisa Chekhova – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

By the way, Chekhov is going to stay overseas for another month and come to Russia only at the end of September. The TV presenter clarified that for the sake of her trip, she even somewhat corrected the studies of her 10-year-old son Solomon, who was born in marriage to Guram Bablishvili. In the fall, the boy was supposed to go to the fifth grade, but the celebrity postponed the start of his studies until the 25th and sent him to visit his father.

My son is in Georgia right now, so there is no way we are preparing for the first of September, we will not have any celebrations or a line. From September 1 to September 25, he will study remotely”, Chekhova reported.

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