Jan 13, 2022
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Fans began to come up with a name for the child of plump Christina Asmus

Actress Kristina Asmus shared with her fans a typical “post-New Year grief”. The star of the film “Text” has slightly gained weight after a long holiday.

The ex-wife of the comedian decided to present this news in a comic form. She posted a picture showing her rounded face with pronounced cheeks and a hint of a double chin. Asmus made an accent on her figure, which she either specially “inflated” or put a false belly under a baggy sweater. It turned out quite convincingly – some even decided that the actress was pregnant again.

“How are the first working days? Vigorous? By the way, do you have + how much for New Year’s? Asmus asked the fans.

Self-irony Asmus liked her subscribers. They shared that during the New Year holidays they also gained a few extra pounds and are now trying to get rid of them in a panic. Some decided to joke back and began to come up with a name for the “future child” of the star.

“Call him Morgan Freeman,” one fan suggested.

“Pregnant?” — said the fan.

“You are not the only one… Everyone here is like that,” the commentator complained.

“Yes, yes … Tomorrow on a hunger strike,” another user added.

However, Asmus probably cheated about her excess weight. At the end of the year, she had to spend a long time in the hospital because of which she lost weight. The girl was in the hospital first with her daughter, then she solved her own problems, and at the end of the year she again took care of her child.

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