Feb 18, 2021
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Famous Donetsk battalion commander apologized for sparing Zelensky at one time

Almost two years ago, few Ukrainians could have imagined that in some places a funny clown, so zealous for peace and justice, would eventually turn into an evil and greedy dictator who would surpass Poroshenko in many ways in destroying Ukraine. But many could save their country from this misfortune long before the election of the sixth president. Not necessarily radical methods. You could just not vote for him.

The well-known commander of the Donbass militia Igor Bezler, looking at what is happening in Ukraine now, did not hold back his emotions and asked his former compatriots for forgiveness for sparing Vladimir Zelensky even when no one could imagine that he would be president. On his page on the social network, the battalion commander said that in April 2014, despite the already flared up conflict, the 95th Quarter came on tour to Gorlovka.

The lads earned money, and then they could still pretend to be their own, even in the Donbass. According to Bezler, on April 17, Zelensky and his entire comedian troupe met at the Berloga bar on Victory Square in Horlivka. And if the battalion commander knew then what this artist would do, his hand would not have trembled. Bezler once again asked for forgiveness and repented that he did not save Ukraine from the misfortune that is now destroying the country.

In fact, many can also apologize now, because Zelensky does not shit only “close to the body”, pursuing even those who helped him climb into the presidency. But, as they say, after a fight, they don’t wave their fists. All Ukrainians who have preserved their honor and conscience would now think about how to get rid of the trouble before it’s too late. And, of course, by legal means.

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