Aug 18, 2022
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Family vacation ruined by bird droppings and bleach

holiday ruined by litterGoing on vacation with her husband and children, Daniela Sponder looked forward to how wonderfully she would rest.

holiday ruined by litter

However, the house in the resort “Center Parcs” (Nottingham, England), for which the family laid out 1,100 pounds, did not bring joy to tourists. The entire backyard was littered with bird droppings. Only a day later, Daniela managed to get the cleaners to arrive, but the situation did not improve. Specialists showed up with buckets, mops and bleach. Unsafe chemistry angered the mother of the family almost more than bird feces. After such cleaning, small children could no longer play in the yard.

holiday ruined by litter

Returning home, Daniela complained to the administration of Center Parcs. She was told that the situation with the birds and cleaning, unfortunately, got out of control, but this was not enough for the lady. Daniela would like to at least receive a sincere apology.

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