Jan 11, 2022
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“Fake” hot smoked mackerel in half an hour

All fish lovers urgently need to come here. Today I will tell you my favorite recipe for making mackerel. Moreover, I will not just bake the fish, but I will make it hot smoked. I will show you step-by-step photos for clarity. And if someone is already about to leave, thinking that this is a very time-consuming process, then it is better to stay and read to the end. After all, it is impossible to come up with a simpler recipe. All you need is fish and liquid smoke. Buying it now is not a problem at any grocery store.

Hot smoked fake mackerel in half an hour

Cooking “hot smoked” fish

You can take any fish to your taste. I like hot smoked mackerel. It has virtually no bones (only a ridge) and is inexpensive. Fish can be bought frozen or fresh, with or without head. It makes no difference. You just have to spend a little time to clear the entrails of the fish and cut off the head, if suddenly the fish was sold gutted. Further, the whole algorithm of actions is the same.

I had frozen mackerel with its head, so before peeling and decapitating it, it took a little wait for the fish to defrost a little. Defrosting completely does not make sense. Firstly, it will take extra time, and secondly, it is much easier to clean slightly frozen fish from the insides.

So, I transfer the headless, peeled, and then washed outside and inside the fish carcass into any container, and then add a little salt. But you don’t need to salt it. Focus on your taste.

Hot smoked fake mackerel in half an hour

I do everything in the same way with each fish. Then, with an ordinary culinary brush, I grease the mackerel carcass from all sides with “liquid smoke”. And I leave it for half an hour to rest so that the fish is saturated with “smoke”.

Hot smoked fake mackerel in half an hour

At first I cooked two, but then I decided that two would not be enough and added a third mackerel, doing the same with it as with the previous ones. Therefore, after half an hour, I immediately put three fish on the grill of the airfryer.

Hot smoked fake mackerel in half an hour

I turned it on for exactly half an hour at a temperature of 205 degrees Celsius and an average fan speed. And after the specified time, hot smoked mackerel, cooked at home, is completely ready.

Hot smoked fake mackerel in half an hour

The fish is very tender. Fillet from the ridge is easily separated and simply melts in the mouth. I recommend trying out this simple recipe.

Bon Appetit everyone!

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