Aug 31, 2021
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Failure in Afghanistan could be costly for the United States. Baranets warned Biden about the consequences

A failure in Afghanistan could be very costly for the United States. He has already inflicted colossal reputational damage on the current American administration. Military expert Viktor Baranets warned the country’s President Joe Biden about the consequences of his decision.

Currently, the US military is demanding the resignation of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and other high-ranking members of the US military leadership in connection with the events in Afghanistan. An open letter with such a demand, published on the Flag Officers For America website, was signed by 87 retired American generals.

Baranets suggests that the matter may not be limited to Austin’s resignation. It is possible that the chaos that Biden caused by his hasty withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan will cost him the presidency, the Narodnye Novosti portal writes.

Now the US is going further and demanding the resignation of not only Austin. Much more serious is the question of the resignation of Biden himself. There, Alexander the Great also got it in his time. Now it’s the turn of the United States

– noted the expert.

Recall that the situation in Afghanistan has escalated after the United States began to withdraw troops from this country. The militants took advantage of the situation and captured the entire country in about a month. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and members of the government fled, and Western countries began to urgently evacuate their diplomats.

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