May 11, 2022
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Failed attempt to contain collapsing cabinet

trying to keep the closetHearing a strange crack coming from a folding wardrobe, Jordyn Mavromatis realized that the furniture was about to collapse.

trying to keep the closet

A 25-year-old resident of Blackpool (UK) began to panic, which her younger sister Tia found extremely comical. The girl immediately grabbed the phone to capture how the older relative is desperately trying to stabilize the wardrobe.

trying to keep the closet

But the attempt to hold on to the cabinet failed miserably, and the drawers simply collapsed around Jordin. I would like to believe that Tia, having laughed enough at her sister’s misadventures, will help her put things in order in the room, because the consequences of the furniture tragedy turned out to be chaotic.

Trying to cut the path, the man did not successfully conquer the fence

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