May 4, 2021
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Factory workers! The peasants are in the ground! Peace to the freaks!

In the photo: the local inspector of the Levoberezhny District Department of Internal Affairs of Lipetsk and the head of the regional department of the bureau for employment and information of the population during a visit to those who do not work at home, USSR, 1987

In the photo: the district inspector of the Levoberezhny District Department of Internal Affairs of Lipetsk and the head of the regional department of the bureau for employment and information of the population during a visit to those who do not work anywhere at home, USSR, 1987 (Photo: S. Gubsky / TASS)

In these days of “spring and labor” (the official name of the holiday since 1992), when people are massively busy with the implementation of the presidential decree on weekends with the preservation of wages, the 60th anniversary of another decree is somehow remembered in a special way. Namely – the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR “On intensifying the struggle against persons who evade socially useful labor and lead an antisocial parasitic way of life”… In common parlance, it is “about parasites,” although the word does not occur in the Indicating text itself.

It is generally Church Slavonic: “tune” – for nothing, “yasti” – to eat. I mean – “eat for free.” Therefore, it was not the Soviet government that invented it, even in the Peter’s Table of Ranks it was said about the “honor of service” as opposed to “impudent and parasites”. BUT Alexander II, which the Liberator, for his antisocial way of life, endowed the peasants with the right through the village gathering to drive out of the community those who threatened “local welfare”. Where to drive? To Siberia!

Revolutions are arranged not in order to work later, but, as it were, the other way around. That in 1917, that in 1991. For some reason, the bloody Bolsheviks thought: “no one will give us deliverance” and they will have to achieve everything “with their own hand.” Thank God, now is not what it was. We live in the “richest country”, projected in the old fashioned over the entire USSR, although with its disintegration a huge number of natural nishtyaks ended up abroad. Just think, the climate and the amount of effective territory! Don’t care about distance and logistics! Nonsense about explored deposits and depth. Slander that in almost all resources Russia is not the first in the world! All the same, we will sell and buy!

The antisocial element, taking out the good from the house, which had previously been carried there by his troublesome kindred community, at some point may feel wealthy, even selling everything at the minimum wage. Depends solely on the time – this moment between the past and the future. Especially if the inheritance came from a large family, and there are several rooms. Of course, the tenants of the premises will “get bad”, but that will be tomorrow. But today the exploitation of land plots and living space will make it possible to lead a parasitic lifestyle. Oh, excuse me, I misled the temporary layers, called the holy “passive income” bad Soviet words.

Do you mean that in 2020, out of 366 leap calendar days, citizens of the Russian Federation actually worked 217? Although according to the so-called production table, there are 248, but it does not take into account the “covid” decrees of the president. Thus, the remaining 149 days are weekends, holidays “with the transfer” and quarantine “with the preservation of wages” + a New Year’s gift in the form of December 31st. In percents: 59.29% – workedand and 40.71% – had a rest… There is no doubt that life has become better, life has become more fun. Oh, again I did not issue a quote to the cashier Stalin from the first all-Union meeting of the Stakhanovites – also to me, I found a place where to say something like that. At the meeting of the Stakhanovites! Here, the bloody essence of the tyrant was especially clearly manifested, forcing people to work, which he would never be forgiven. And how stingy he was on vacation!

For example, here is the decree of December 23, 1947: “May 9, the holiday of victory over Germany, be considered a working day. Day 1 January is a New Year’s holiday – considered a non-working day “… Postponed the day off instead of saving both! In a country where 1710 cities, 70 thousand villages and villages, 32 thousand industrial enterprises, 65 thousand kilometers of railways, 98 thousand collective farms lay in ruins etc. Well, not a ghoul, eh? Although leave it as it is, they would also have remembered: I did not allow the New Year to be celebrated!

I have not forgotten where I started, just before the Decree of May 4, 1961 with the BORZs (abbreviation – Without a Certain Kind of Occupation) in the USSR they did not stand on ceremony, forcing even such free and migratory nomadic citizens as gypsies to work. From a memorandum to the Central Committee of the CPSU and the Council of Ministers of the USSR: “During 1957, the police registered 70,970 such Roma … All adults were issued passports; most of them are assigned for permanent residence and work in collective farms, state farms and in industry … ”. Of course, not all Roma agreed, but they made up an overwhelming minority – up to 90% of Roma were “socialized”, which can also be attributed to the repressive policy of the Soviet government, which broke the indigenous lifestyle of a small but proud people.

“The decree on parasites” is often confused with article 209 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR “Engaging in vagrancy or begging or other parasitic lifestyle“. The Decree itself was not criminal (the decision could be made by both the court and the executive committee) on it, “parasites” were involved in labor on “Enterprises (construction sites) located in the area of ​​their permanent residence“. And they sent to “Specially designated areas for a period of two to five years” only from Moscow, Moscow region and Leningrad. After checking than “Due to non-participation in socially useful labor” and a mandatory warning.

In the photo: propaganda poster.  A satirical image with the text "The loafers are afraid of labor."  1966 year
In the photo: propaganda poster. A satirical image with the text “The loafers are afraid of labor.” 1966 (Photo: TASS)

So, from Leningrad to the Arkhangelsk region as a “handyman” of the state farm Danilovsky left for 5 years Brodsky… The court did not take into account all the circumstances of the case (Brodsky was engaged in translations), therefore, after a year and a half, the decision was canceled. Kink or Worse – Political Motivation? Perhaps only Brodsky himself called exile one of the best periods of his life, went on vacation to Leningrad four times in a year and a half and calmly studied English poetry in the wilderness. In addition, the question is – would there have been a Nobel Prize if not for that link?

However, Brodsky is not alone, how many Soviet citizens fell under that skating rink? It is no longer a secret that it is known that in the first three years, 37 thousand people, or 0.03% of the then population of the RSFSR, were exiled. Until 1975, the number did not exceed 0.05% of those directly affected – the rest of those involved, as a rule, needed a warning. Why before 1975? Because that year, the Decree lost its force, having existed for 14 years.

No, they did not forget about the “parasites” even after. However, in the future, responsibility was relied on under the already mentioned 209 article of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR. And for her it was necessary to try very hard in her doing nothing. It turns out (all of a sudden, right?) In the Constitution of the USSR and 1936, and 1977 – respectively, Articles 9 and 17 – spelled out: “Along with the socialist system of economy … small private farming of individual peasants and handicraftsmen, based on personal labor, is permitted by law.”… The last one to try to tighten the nuts and strengthen the discipline was Andropov, but it was not enough for a long time.

Finally, the thankless struggle against parasitism came to naught in April 1991 with the adoption of the law “On employment of the population in the Russian Federation”, where the Russians in white were written: “The unemployment of citizens cannot serve as a basis for bringing them to administrative and other responsibility “… Of course! What an attraction if labor is also a commodity. Which, at 100% demand, becomes expensive, therefore, ineffective from the point of view of “effective management”. It is treated with unemployment, part-time employment and part-time pay.

The modern Russian economy (the term literally means “house rules”, remember, about taking out good?) Is a very crooked exchange of natural resources for someone else’s labor through financial intermediaries. And the purchasing power is decreasing, not only because the minerals are sometimes cheaper, but also because the same Chinese are not the same today as they were yesterday. We thought a handful of rice would be enough for them forever. And they, remaining “busy” instead of “liberation”, suddenly began to get rich. Boggles the mind!

Having waved social justice to freedom, and it to a mortgage, in 30 years – again, unexpectedly! – it turned out that there are still too many of us for active recreation on “passive income”. It doesn’t matter which one – from analogue MMM stocks to digital bitcoins – the main thing is that without the tedious gimmick with added value. The fewer people there are in the “richest country”, the more hydrocarbons will go to the rest. Not to say aloud, but to yourself, correct the old slogans: workers from factories, peasants into the land!

Therefore, do not worry, citizens are alcoholics, hooligans and parasites: the USSR cannot be recreated, but only earned anew. Who is willing? And whoever wants it, the good anti-Soviet government will not allow it. Have a rest!

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