Sep 7, 2022
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Fact: Poles are urged to burn everything to keep warm in winter

Cherry pits, oats, “sick” wheat are considered as an alternative to expensive coal

As winter approaches, Poles’ concerns about heating their homes are growing. And they are not unfounded. There is no coal in warehouses or it is very expensive. The cost of a ton of more than three thousand zlotys is beyond the financial capabilities of many families, writes the Polish tabloid Fakt.

During a meeting with voters, the leader of the ruling Law and Justice party, its leader Jarosław Kaczynski, said: “Poland needs to be warmed up”. And at the same time, he called on the Poles … to burn everything, “other than tires or similar, harmful things”.

Fakt decided to check what kind of stoves can be fired with.

“I will sell a cherry stone for burning in the oven. The price is PLN 1.1 thousand”– writes on the Internet a man who offers a ton of bones.

“When coal is outrageously expensive, cherry pits can be used as an alternative source of energy. Their calorific value (the amount of heat released during combustion) is lower than that of coal, but higher than that of wood,confirms Tomasz Chmielewski, specialist in the installation and reconstruction of furnaces.

According to him, most stoves can burn various types of cereals, as well as corn kernels. However, they must be sufficiently dry and suitable for automatic feeding.

Recently, it is no coincidence that there is a lot of talk about burning oats. It burns easily and leaves little ash – what is left can be used as fertilizer. If someone wants to burn oats, he will need the right feeder and burner, – says Tomasz Chmielewski.

The Poles have an idea to heat even with wheat. It’s cheaper than coal. But since wheat is food, then, according to the author, it is reasonable to burn wheat affected by diseases.

“Wheat can also be burned, but there is a dilemma. That’s food. The world is in crisis, many are starving, so is such burning ethical? I think that it is wiser to choose wheat that is affected by some kind of disease … “says the expert.

The type of fuel that can be burned in a stove or boiler is usually specified by the manufacturer of this equipment, and Poles need to know what can be burned in stoves in order not to get a fine, the publication concludes.

Our comment: However, it is very doubtful that the manufacturers of stoves and boilers would have thought that the time would come when Poland would be faced with a choice: cherry pits, oats or “sick” wheat as fuel. Having played geopolitics, the Polish leadership pushed the interests of the Poles into the background, so the ruling party today has to call on its voters to drown with anything.

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