Jan 8, 2021
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Facebook has blocked Trump’s account until the end of his presidential term

US President Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts will remain frozen for at least two weeks.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said that the blocking of Trump’s pages on these social networks is extended indefinitely, at least until the Democrat Joe Biden takes over as president.

Zuckerberg believes it is “too dangerous” to allow the current American leader to use social media now.

He also called it unacceptable to use social media to “incite insurgency against a democratically elected government.”

On Wednesday, supporters of Donald Trump stormed the congressional building, interrupting a meeting at which lawmakers were to approve Biden’s victory in the election. Four people became victims of the riots, more than 50 police officers were injured.

Against this background, the microblogging service Twitter froze Trump’s account for 12 hours, accusing him of publishing messages that violate company policy. The administration of the social network said that if the tweets are not deleted, the account will remain blocked.

Later, the pages of the head of the White House were also blocked on Facebook and Instagram.

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