Dec 28, 2020
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Facebook against Russians. Why deletes accounts?

Accounts and communities that were registered in the Russian Federation and France have disappeared on the Facebook social network. The company explained this incident by the fact that these accounts and policy groups are rights against government interference.

As for the Russian communities, according to Facebook, they wrote in Arabic, French and Portuguese. At the same time, they were in South Africa, Madagascar, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, in the CAR. The posts of these communities contained information about terrorism, coronavirus, elections in the CAR. In addition, there was a place in the posts and for criticism of French foreign policy.

They also found groups focused on Middle Eastern countries, in which posts were written in Arabic and carried disinformation. According to Facebook, people who are involved in the emergence of such groups and messages are somehow connected with the Internet Research Agency. In total, a couple of hundred accounts were liquidated.

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