Oct 22, 2021
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Facade slate: varieties

Facade slate: varieties

Slate is a versatile material that looks appropriate on the facades of austere buildings or country houses.

Slate is the most famous and demanded material for facades. Its original structure fits perfectly into any landscape, and thanks to the variety of colors, this material will satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding designer. To buy a front slate today is no problem. However, before making a purchase, for example, at, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the varieties of these products in more detail.

What types of shale are there?

There are many varieties of oil shale. Each species differs in color, mineral composition and structure. And each of them has its own pros and cons. The most popular types of oil shale:

  1. White slate – has excellent thermal insulation properties, it is very lightweight, is not afraid of temperature changes, and also has a long service life. However, you should work with it carefully. Indeed, because of its layering, it is fragile.
  2. From plaster. There is one significant drawback: such slate can only be used in a dry room, since it does not tolerate moisture. The material begins to quickly absorb moisture and swell. As for the advantages, it is quite lightweight, strong and durable.
  3. Classic – not too embossed, slightly porous. It is mainly used for facing large rooms. If you need to veneer the entire wall, then this type of slate is the most ideal option.
  4. Large – has a pronounced texture, which gives the house an unusual and spectacular look. The stone is made from gypsum or cement.
  5. Thin-layer slate is a sheet that is stacked on top of one another. It looks just amazing. The material has a pronounced relief.

For facade decoration, one type is mainly used (from the above), but you can also combine several options. Slate is a versatile material that does not require additional cash costs, and at the same time it looks appropriate on the facades of strict buildings or country houses.

Facade slate: varieties

Where can I buy?

You can buy high-quality materials at a reasonable price on the Internet, for example, on the website of the Klinker-Stone company, which has proven itself only on the positive side. At the same time, the company’s specialists are ready to perform facade work of any complexity very quickly and efficiently. Due to its excellent performance characteristics, the facade slate will make the house comfortable and durable, and most importantly, it will preserve the original appearance of the building for many years.

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