Oct 23, 2021
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Fabrics, clothing, food: What goods will become very expensive in a couple of months

Fabrics, clothing, food: What goods will become very expensive in a couple of months

Photo: Kirill Kukhmar / TASS

The Russians were warned about the rise in prices for a number of goods by the end of 2021. The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation reassured: only two types of goods will rise in price – “non-food products” and “food products”. Actually, this is an anecdote, but when you read news on topics related to the economy, you involuntarily wonder, is it really so? After all, the department has in fact sharply worsened the inflation forecast for 2021. It will rise to 7.4% instead of the previously expected 5.8%.

Since the beginning of October, there have been forecasts that the price will rise:

– fabrics and clothing. The price will jump from 10% to 30%. The reason is the energy crisis in China, where a large amount of fabrics are produced and the clothes of most brands specializing in the mass market are sewn, that is, what mere mortals can afford.

– bread. The rise in prices for this essential product is inevitable. So says the vice-president of the Russian Grain Union Alexander Korbut… This is to blame for inflation, due to which utility bills, logistics, and packaging have risen in price … He predicts that bread will rise in price by 7.4%, but, in his opinion, it will affect only varieties intended for wealthy buyers. The prices for the “common” “Razor”, “Podovy”, “Borodinsky”, related to the so-called “first line”, should not jump up.

– meat. It was already trembling. Head of the Executive Committee of the National Meat Association Sergey Yushin attributed this to the crisis in agriculture, African plague (in pigs) and avian flu. And also the fact that manufacturers rushed to buy raw materials for the New Year, so that we could have the usual sausages and jellied meat on our tables.

– milk. Director General of the National Union of Milk Producers Artem Belov believes that so far a sharp rise in prices for the consumer should not be expected, since dairy products are socially significant. But the word “bye” is very alarming. Moreover, according to Belov himself, the cost of raw milk production increased by 16-18%, finished dairy products – by 12-14%. Nobody compensates these costs to producers, profitability decreases. Where did you identify an entrepreneur who is ready to give up his income? So, we will have to fork out with you.

– vegetables and fruits. Where to begin? From carrots for the price of bananas or from “gilded” potatoes? Or from the “borscht index”, which has tripled? Experts unanimously blame the weather: the spring was supposedly protracted, and they began to plant vegetables later than usual. And the autumn rains began early, did not have time to harvest. This begs the question: what is the problem with the weather across vast Russia? Are perennial fruit trees also planted every year?

Fish, groceries, confectionery will also rise in price …

According to the data of the Ministry of Finance, of the products, the highest rise in prices was for sugar (by 38.1%), sunflower oil (by 27.3%) and eggs (by 15.4%).

By the New Year, electronics, household appliances and cars will rise in price by 15% due to the rise in prices for metals, problems with the supply of semiconductors, and rising energy prices. Wine may rise in price by 20% – due to problems with the harvest and logistics. Champagne prices are likely to stay within the range of food inflation. Translated into human, it will also rise in price, but within 7% – 9% percent. Vegetables and fruits will also become more expensive, by twenty percent.

And, it should be noted that our citizens, even without experts, understand that nothing good awaits us ahead:

– The population of Russia has not been waiting for a long time that something will become cheaper. Is it just about the fall in oil prices etc., which does not concern the common population at all.

– When this real inflation was equal to the official one. Naive as children.

– If only once they informed – what will become cheaper, except for matches and salt !!!

These are some comments on the news regarding price increases. We can only console ourselves with the fact that, thanks to the Internet, people have where to throw out negative emotions and sarcasm.

By the way, let’s remember how the government plans to raise the minimum wage there? 6.4%. This is 13 617 rubles. The living wage for next year will, of course, be lower. It will be only 11,950 rubles. Moreover, after the New Year, prices will jump again. You don’t have to look into forecasts, it always happens. Is it possible to somehow slow down this process?

For example, a political scientist Sergey Markin believes that for this it is necessary to increase the amount of money and raise the wages of the population so that our purchasing power can keep up with the rise in prices. This is exactly what the US government is doing, the Americans are running the printing press at full power. And their prices are growing, but also the incomes of citizens. The whole world, tied to the dollar, is having a hard time because of this (by the way, this is another reason for the rise in prices in Russia), but the United States habitually acts exclusively in its own interests.

Doctor of Economics, Professor Valentin Katasonov I disagree with this approach, and suggests another way to curb inflation.

“You can’t just take and print money. It will turn out exactly the opposite. Hyperinflation will begin. Inflation is an imbalance between the money and commodity supply, money will depreciate, and prices, accordingly, will rise. On the contrary, it is necessary to reduce the volume of the money supply. But this is only half the battle. It is also necessary to manage the commodity-money supply. It’s like sailing on a boat with two oars: both oars must work, only then it will move in the right direction. It is necessary to direct the money supply to increase commodity production.

And another important point: we have half of the market – imported goods. If we do not want to depend on fluctuations in the exchange rate, then it is finally necessary to carry out import substitution, which has been talked about for twenty years!

In general, there are ways to cope with inflation and prices. And it’s clearly time to resort to them. Because in 10 years with such prices and salaries, instead of the next census, there will be a roll call.

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