Oct 6, 2021
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F-35 dropped a model of a nuclear bomb: The USA explained why this is necessary

An F-35 fighter-bomber dropped a mock B61-12 nuclear bomb in the United States. So the US military tested a new ammunition.

The United States dropped a mock B61-12 nuclear bomb from an F-35A fighter-bomber. This happened as part of testing a new ammunition. The details were shared by the American magazine The Drive.

The B61-12 nuclear bomb is reported to be the new B61 series ammunition. It is distinguished from previous samples by a new tail unit and the presence of an inertial navigation system.

According to the newspaper, test discharges B61-12 took place at the end of September at the Tonopah test site in Nevada. High-precision non-nuclear bomb mock-ups were used in the tests. There were two drops in total, which took place at different heights and speeds of the fighter-bomber.

The new bomb was planned to be used on the F-35 by 2022, but later representatives of the US Air Force said that tests of the B61-12 would be completed later.

– reports an American magazine.

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