Jun 20, 2021
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Extremely important: Putin calls all the deputy army to the Kremlin

In the photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin

In the photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin (Photo: Valery Sharifulin / TASS)

Not to say that the St. George Hall of the Kremlin is little known for the State Duma deputies, there are many ceremonial events of a national scale. However, the full complement of deputies has not previously been gathered here, which gives rise to assumptions about some extreme importance that President Vladimir Putin was going to voice to them. Taking into account his past meeting with the American President Joe Biden, it really can be something sensational.

For this meeting, which is scheduled for 13:00 on June 21, 2021, preparations have begun since yesterday. A prerequisite for the participation of deputies in this event is testing for coronavirus infection COVID-2019 by the PCR method and obtaining negative results. All parliamentarians, regardless of their position, must pass tests three times – on June 16, 18 and 20 (the last day is Sunday) in the building of the State Duma. On the day of the event, Rospotrebnadzor employees will conduct thermometry of deputies on Okhotny Ryad, and FSO officers will check everyone’s documents confirming their involvement in the deputy corps. After that, the “clean” parliamentarians, with the obligatory donning of protective masks, will be delivered to the Kremlin.

With the security measures related to the coronavirus, everything seems to be understandable – Moscow, and not only, was covered by another wave of malicious infection, and the deputies, moreover, are public people, they communicate a lot with the electorate, travel around the country and quite often get sick. Before visiting the Kremlin, they are checked for “lice”. Although Putin and took root, you never know what kind of infection the deputies can bring. Here the question is rather different: what is the most important thing the president can tell them, or, perhaps, ask for something?

Several options can be assumed. First, taking into account the security measures taken with the passing of tests, this is what Vladimir Putin will discuss with the deputies about the introduction of mass quarantine throughout the country. And so strict that martial law will have to be introduced in Russia – with the involvement of the army, the National Guard, the FSB, the police and other law enforcement agencies.

Putin himself was previously full of optimism on this score. “Everything passes and this will pass. Our country has gone through serious trials more than once: both the Pechenegs tormented it, and the Polovtsians – Russia coped with all of them. We will defeat this coronavirus infection too. Together we will overcome everything “– Putin said last year. However, as history shows, all the epidemics that tormented Russia along with the Polovtsy and Pechenegs began without much panic.

Here you can recall the historical experience, when in the summer of 1654 a plague from Persia fell into the capital of the Russian state and also looked at first quite harmless. However, soon the number of victims among the townspeople began to number in the thousands. The Tsar’s court, boyars and wealthy citizens fled from Moscow, they spread the infection around the neighborhood, and then the plague began to spread throughout the state. The archers and prison guards fled in panic – the city plunged into a state of chaos and rampant marauders.

“Previously packed with people, Moscow became deserted. Dogs and pigs devoured the dead and the powerless, and therefore no one dared to walk alone, for if they happened to overpower a lonely passer-by, they would gnaw him to death. “, – wrote the Patriarch of Antioch, who was then in the Russian state Macarius III

It was only by the fall of 1654 that the epidemic was generally stopped – the troops returned to the capital and quarantined. The houses and yards of the sick were burned. Order was restored. Nevertheless, the plague then claimed the lives of 85 percent of the inhabitants of Moscow, which suffered more than others.

The history of Russia has always been rich in misfortunes – it seems that this is our fate and we have to fight in order to win. All kinds of diseases, growing to the scale of epidemics, which mowed down people in tens and hundreds of thousands, were also not spared. So COVID-19 crept up imperceptibly, at first some kind of indistinct and not at all frightening, but now it has driven people into quarantine houses, and devours everyone indiscriminately, both young and old. Rospotrebnadzor statistics provide more and more data on morbidity, and this “curve” is growing steadily.

In general, the option of Putin’s proposal to the deputies with a request to approve the introduction of martial law in the country with strict quarantine measures cannot be ruled out, it is quite likely.

What else can Vladimir Putin address to parliamentarians of paramount importance? Well, how second option, the introduction of Russian troops into the territory of Ukraine, in particular, into the Donbass. Recall that on March 1, 2014, the Federation Council gave its consent to the introduction of troops into the territory of Ukraine (Crimea) “until the situation is normalized there “… Voting took place in an open mode, and all senators voted in favor. By the way, the next meeting of the Federation Council will take place on June 23, that is, one day after Putin’s meeting with the State Duma deputies. True, it was not possible to obtain confirmation of the urgency of the meeting in the Federation Council apparatus itself, they say that the work of this body is proceeding normally and no surprises are expected.

And yet, the option of a war with Ukraine, with the introduction of troops into Donbass, cannot be ruled out. It is possible that Putin and Biden agreed that Moscow could use military force. True, then the question arises – what will Washington get in return? Or, perhaps, they decided to divide Ukraine in half, say, along the Dnieper?

In Ukraine itself, they don’t really believe in the Russian “threat”, but they talk about it regularly. Minister of Defense of the country Ram stated more than once that “Does not note the real preparation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation for an armed offensive.”

At the same time, he is simply obliged to whip up passions according to his status, and he must somehow resist a potential enemy. Speaking before the Rada deputies, he was simply obliged to reassure the parliamentarians, and at the same time the entire population of the country, about the reliable security of Ukraine.

“Taking into account the accumulation of Russian troops under the pretext of preparing exercises, the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces of Ukraine are planning to conduct their strategic exercises at the same time.”– said the Minister of War, as if showing that we are also on readiness.

You can laugh, you can be ironic, but the actions and statements of the current political elite of Ukraine cause at least surprise. Every phrase there is a kind of pearl that is worthy of the study of psychiatrists. “Khokhmachi”, who in recent years have been practicing as unlucky speakers in Ukraine, are a dime a dozen. And the point is not even the inarticulateness of the “creators of the Maidan” who ascended to the Ukrainian political Olympus, but in their maniacal desire to speak out exclusively on one topic – the topic of hatred of Russia. Well, the “teachers” didn’t put another in their heads, it’s not about internal problems to talk about, although even here, every phrase is a blunder of pure water. This also applies to the recent statement of the Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelensky that “Ukrainians will never forgive those who took the Crimean peninsula from them.” They will not forgive, then they will go to take away?

It can be assumed that Putin is now on the safe side and will enter Ukraine first – with minimal losses for both sides. Rather, Kiev itself can lose a lot – geographically.

Although so far these are only assumptions. A kind of fortune telling on coffee grounds. What exactly Putin will address to the deputies, we will find out only on Monday …

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